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Daniel Kane
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Just BC??? How soon the negative people forget that our last championship team almost lost to BC and it took an int to close the deal...but hey, bunch of youngsters and JUST BC...I am thrilled we won and of course the fake fans that are gators want to diminish the accomplishment...meanwhile I think I was savor the victory and enjoy the season. It's Great To Be A Miami Hurricane!
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Disappointed that so many are disappointed. Anyone who cannot see the improvements hasn't been paying attention. No int's, great special teams, and much lower penalties, all the result of much better coaching. Now if we Hurricane fans cannot see that, expect Al Golden to take his act to PSU. Our spoiled fan base had better realize and recognize that we are rebuilding and this season has shown just how quickly Golden and staff have made drastic improvements. I am thrilled that every game has been exciting and a few small breaks here and there and we'd be in the ACC hunt and those breaks are going to go our way soon with just a little patience. Wake up Canes fans, we have one of the most exciting young coaches in college football. Appreciate the exciting games and EXPECT a great future.
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Oct 28, 2011