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Danielle Dinapoli
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Whomever was brilliant enough to equate a teacher's salary with the level of work they do, as well as insist that our test scores should be matched up with the work we do on a day to day NOT in the education field. Moreover , it's disheartening that someone should be so simple minded to say that one day can evaluate a half a year's worth of commitment...far more invested than ELA and MATH...Furthermore, we are battling corrupt districts...with gross underfunding, high homelessness, no show parents, not enough books for each students, high absenteeism, ELL/LD, misplaced special Ed students that will not be properly placed because of lack of funding...this is the real world...that real teachers face everyday...and we plug on...still trying to shape the youth...yes, on the mint that we make! Most of that we spend on our class, whether for supplies or food for our students ...or how about buying them clothes or prom dresses ? Maybe Mr. Brilliant in Vermont has never experienced these issues where he/ she is but this is the real world...I, personallyj have no inhibitions about my scores being published because I work diligently everyday. They can only achieve their best...that is all I ask for. If the scores are subpar, I still tried my did the millions of other teachers out there.
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Feb 29, 2012