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FEEL ALL THE FEELS! Congrats on the return home. I wish I had your determination to find a format that is precisely what you want. Someday, perhaps, I shall go once more into that particularly daunting breach (yup, that's what he said), but I'm not yet so brave. Go forth, good sir, and return home.
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I highly recommend Descent. Here, have a link where they explain it better than I could: It might be a game that warrants some practice run-throughs to get comfortable with the game mechanic and take less time. I also dig Arkham Horror, but that is a pretty involved game and can take quite awhile, so it may not fit very well with your time constraints.
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Brewing seems very much like baking: you start with science and end with consumable awesomeness! Good luck with your brewing.
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Jul 8, 2011