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Thanks for the update (I know I requested it not too long ago). My current worry is what happens to the ratios when interest rates go back up as the market recovers and people start moving money from safe Treasuries to my risky / higher return investments. Example: What would the TIE ratio be if current 2-year notes went up to 4-5%? (Other bills/notes adjusted accordingly) This type of out year scenario scares me a bit. I watch Greece/Spain/Italy's Bond markets hoping that's not the way we go.
"The real question is, Why does China keep refusing to let us "pay them back" no matter how hard we try? Whether or not we "pay China back" is completely under China's control; they can choose to get "paid back" every time any one of their T-securities matures -- but instead of keeping the dollars we try to pay them back with, they choose to exchange those dollars for new T-bonds, T-bills, and T-notes. " Well said indeed. Personal request, when can we expect an update of the "Times Interest Taxed" charts? I find it more and more interesting in light of Greece and Spain etc.
Glad to see you back! I've been trying to share the wisdom about your "Times Interest Taxed or TIE" with people. So many do ot fundamentally understand it.
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Jul 28, 2011