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Interests: books, needlework, altered art, walking, travelling, museums
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Knowing that next week will be a shorter than normal week makes this weekend all the nicer (especially since the sun seems to have gone on vacation). Sometimes the anticipation leading up to something nice is almost nicer than the... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at A Work in Progress
Thanks for the link--I shall be checking it out. And I am happy that I might have inspired a blog post, too! This is such a wonderful book. And I have some very fond memories of favorite bookstores--many of them now defunct (sadly) or too far away to visit. But I like the idea of writing a post about personal book store experiences!
It is a pity that there are so few indies in Omaha these days, though this used bookstore is really great! They have a pretty big selection considering that it is not a huge space. I can easily spend hours there browsing. And I love this book--well worth owning!
I am such a mood reader--often I pick up a book less for story than setting--either place or time period and just hope that the story set there will be to my liking. I like Mary Russell in any case, but this one is a treat to read for the place as well as characters.
I can see why it is a favorite-I really enjoyed it and this is exactly the sort of mystery I think I most enjoy reading. Do you know if any of the short stories in the collection you are reading involve Cordelia, or are they just 'random' mystery stories? (Or maybe you have not yet peeked--like I tend to in anticipation--lol). I have a few books I am also saving for the holidays!
If I haven't already tempted you yet by this book, here is another teaser. I was going to refrain from sharing more quotes (because most of Browse is worthy of quoting), but Michael Dirda's wonderful essay "Snow Day" just tickled... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at A Work in Progress
Before I get too involved with Mary Russell, I should probably tell you about Cordelia Gray, who I have only just met and and pleased to add into my circle of fictional acquaintances. First off, I like her very much... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at A Work in Progress
Moving right along (though not terribly quickly it seems). The last Mary Russell mystery I read, The Game, was all of a year ago (in December to be precise). My how time flies, and it is most definitely time to... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at A Work in Progress
Thanks for the reminder--I meant to share which quote is which: 1st--Bezmogis 2nd--Rooney 3rd--Yehoshua 4th--Fisher I still have not quite decided on a book--I am sort of 'trying' a few of them out at the moment. I am close to finishing a few books, so I have been spending more time with those (but part of my brain is always on that next book!).
I am Always inspired to spend more time in real bookshops! ;) Unfortunately the number of bookstores--indies are pretty limited here. There are only a small handful left, which is why I tend to end up at B&N or at this favorite used bookstore. Needless to say, whenever I travel, and I don't get to do that very much anymore, I always find at least one bookstore to visit.
Another one for the wishlist--thanks for the suggestion. Before I started working in a library I worked in an indie bookstore (long, now, defunct...sadly!). So I can sort of imagine what the stories he tells are like. But must read them for myself... ;)
There is so much that is quotable in this book. I mentally nod my head to almost everything each writer has to say. Being a reader and reading books like this is like being a member of a special club. :)
Isn't that a great quote? And I think I must fall into that category as well. As handy as ebooks can be and nice when it is a matter of accessing a book out of print and impossible to find, I will always love browsing for and buying some unexpected paperback. I know what you mean about people using libraries for everything else except books. I think one of the selling points for the library where I work is that there is a cafe and we have 3D printers!
Another book to add to *my* wishlist as well. I have heard of Hay on Wye--imagine living in such a bookish town. I will be looking for Sixpence House now, too. I think I need to always have a 'book about books' on the go (and there are plenty of books out there to keep me busy it seems).
You will love this! I have been reading an essay every day or so and have enjoyed each and every one. Now I want to read more by each writer, too.
It is well worth looking for and if you generally like to have/own books about books I think you would be pleased with this one. I am also a pretty equal opportunity book buyer, too. I take advantage of almost all book purchasing sources! :)
That is certain incentive and I do try and do things like that--but I admit I give in to impulse far too often when it comes to books. That said I hadn't stopped there in a while so it was a worthy and long browse! It's nice to have a treat to look forward to.
It is really excellent and if you don't have it I highly recommend it (or maybe don't buy it and a squirrel will leave it on your doormat--in exchange for all the garden veggies he helps himself to). I am sharing a few quotes again today. It is a very quotable book which won't surprise you! ;)
In his essays "A Tale of Two Bookshops" from Browse: The World in Bookshops edited by Henry Hitchings Colombian writer Juan Gabriel Vásquez writes about his love of and history with two favorite bookshops in Bogotá. They were places that... Continue reading
Posted Nov 10, 2017 at A Work in Progress
I need to figure out what I can realistically finish this year and what I want to try and do in these last few weeks. Sept and Oct and my dad's illness really threw me for a loop so my reading is all off kilter. Rearranging might happen this weekend as a matter of fact. :)
I have it by my bedside and need to choose a book this weekend now that I have finished the Rhoades book. Something to look forward to since choosing is always fun.
Yes, that is MFK Fisher (from the book I just picked up at the used bookstore and really want to read!). It's a bit unfair of me since I was skimming the books and so they seem obvious--lol. I'll have to go back now and give the right title for each quote.
Now that you say that, you're right--it does have that feeling to it since it is pretty monochromatic. And the story is a little creepy really--puppets and nasty girls....
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2017 on Thornhill by Pam Smy at A Work in Progress
Sometimes you just need fun and easy and this was it for me. And her art is great, I agree!
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2017 on Thornhill by Pam Smy at A Work in Progress
I think Mary Norton only wrote one adult book, and that was the story collection and Virago might have been the only publisher to issue them as a collection--since then long out of print. Pity really as they are so good. I can totally see her writing being published by Persephone Books. Toast is my favorite. Or, one of my favorites. Avocado on toast, PB on toast, jam on toast, chocolate on toast, honey on toast.... Yum. And I got the juvenile story about cats by Mary Stewart you mentioned--came in as an ILL and I will bring it home this weekend! ;)