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Interests: books, needlework, altered art, walking, travelling, museums
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Wouldn't that be great? I know there are several adaptations of a few mysteries and thrillers of late like Murder on the Orient Express. I am eagerly awaiting that first short story! Hope your weekend has been going well, too.
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I finished it today, and it was wonderful. I think it will easily be at the top of the list along with Barbara Pym. Marigold is such a great character. Thanks so much for the heads up about the podcast. I listened to it tonight and now I know which book I will be reading next--lol! Now I will have to looking for that other podcast to hear about Barbara Comyns. I read A Touch of Mistletoe earlier in the year and it was great, too.
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I'll let you know if I try her anytime soon! With so many books out there to read (already owned or able to borrow) I would not want to buy either! ;)
We have lots of overlap in the mystery writers we like! I need to try Nevada Barr--curiously I tend to not read so many US authors--I want that exotic feel, I guess, but I know I am missing out, hence picking up the Dana Stabenow novel. I am slowly reading Agatha Christie--she wrote so much I have barely made a dent in her works. I do love Laurie King and need to get back to the next Mary Russell and Maisie Dobbs is the only sleuth (now) that I have read all her adventures and eagerly await the next. I very much feel a mystery binge coming on. Thanks for sharing your faves--I am going to check out those names that I am not familiar with (or have heard of but not really looked at)!
I have not, but I have several of those books on hand--all ready for the right moment--lol. And I have heard so man good things about Michael Connelly--have you watched the TV adaptation of the books? I have heard it is good. It's a pity about Elizabeth George--I loved her early books.
Yes, I love Fictfact. I need to load more books into my account. It helps to see them in order, though sometimes so much time passes that I forget where I leave off! Have you read the Penny books in order? I will watch out for that one! Considering how slow I go with mysteries, though, I may not get that far anytime soon! I have not heard of Elaine Viets, so thanks--I shall look her up. And I always pick up those Stout books at the bookstore, but have yet to read one. Does it matter if you just pick them up randomly? I have been thinking of reading a Patricia Wentworth book--I always think of you when I look at Miss Silver stories!
Too bad to hear that the Penny books also go on something of a downward slide. I will try the next couple of books as they are on their way. I think it is often the case that earlier books are better. As you can see I am also 'stuck' on the same Elizabeth George book!
I am very eager to read the Richard Jury books, though a couple of other books have cut in line, lol. I skipped that Lynley book, I think. It was too much information and not what I wanted. I hate to abandon the series now, but I do wish the books were shorter as then it would not seem so much of a commitment to catch up. I suspect I will be reading a few of these other books first, however!
I'm on the home stretch of Jane Gardam's Bilgewater, and it is So good. All those readers who 'virtually' pushed the book into my hands--thank you. You were right. It will easily top my best of reads list later this... Continue reading
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I've not had a chance to have a proper look at the book yet, but I brought home from the library The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books by Martin Edwards last week. It covers only the first half... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at A Work in Progress
That sounds like a good run of books since it can be hard to always pull off a good series book. I like Kate a lot, and not surprising the characters in the Alaskan town are quite quirky. Mutt is a wonderful character in her own right, too! ;)
Sue Henry came up on my online browsings, and she caught my eye. I might try her as well. I also was looking through my stacks and found the first Edie Kiglatuk mystery, White Heat, which is set in-I think the Canadian-Arctic, which also looks good. Now I am on a detective fiction kick it seems. And yes, the Rhoades book offers a nice change of pace--I am very much enjoying it and have been lugging it around with me. I always am happy when I pick up a hardcover and actually read it right away when I order one.
Once you have gotten through the Trevor collection you will want to read all his books--and he published quite a few. I have a nice little stack which I have been very slowly working my way through. Ah, yes, that someday list--I have something like it myself. I think all short stories count and it can be great fun to read a variety--I have never tried Stephen Fry--another author to explore!
I have sort of kind of gotten back to it myself--I am hoping to at least finish this collection by the end of the month which is very quickly approaching! I have a big thick collection of Kipling's stories--you are good to have gotten into it. Poor short stories often seem to suffer since they are so easy to set down and not feel like you cannot pick them up later.
There is such a constant influx of new books, isn't there? I feel like I do a lot of looking yet still cannot keep up with them all. Lucky you to have literary festivals to look forward to. Sometimes there is a local one at our public library, but there wasn't one last year and I fear is not going to be one this year either--must investigate. I now have a copy of Ferocity and I think the new McDermott is waiting for me at the library!
I think I only managed to read the first few of Sue Grafton's alphabet mysteries. And the first one so long ago I would have to start all over. The problem is there are SO many good mysteries I want to read and never seem to make a dent in my list. I need to get back to Louise Penny--I was just talking to a coworker about her yesterday and she made me want to go in search of the next unread book on my own pile! The Mitford books look like fun--have yet to try one however.
I think the Alice McDermott novel has come up at the public library for me and is waiting now. As a matter of fact I need to make a trip there to pick up a stack of books. Over the course of only a few days the stack has morphed from just two to about seven! You know how that goes! I know what you mean about CHE--her books are very entertaining and I often save her for a treat. I have been trying to collect all of Jane Gardam's books and I see she has quite a long backlist, though am still reading Bilgewater. She is really good, but sort of quirky, too. I think she likes her characters to speak in local dialect, which takes a little getting used to, and I am not sure if I am quite getting the inflections right. Yes, I also had to have that collection in hardcover! But now I see it in paper and cheap on TBD so I might buy it so I can actually carry it about. Yes, that is how my mind works!!
I am not sure there is even much literature available to us by North Korean authors, but maybe I have just not looked too hard. I know there are loads of books *about* the country. Anyway--this is one that I can happily recommend!
The book was so fascinating and I do want to read more. It certainly shed light (at least a little bit) on what is going on in North Korea. It was sad, too, to think how little freedom of thought and movement they have there. The world is such a messy place now--I wonder if it will ever feel back to a more 'normal' normal?
You take classes most semesters, don't you? I enjoy auditing, though of late I have only been doing yoga classes. I would love to learn Italian (nowhere in Omaha teaches it--crazy!), though I do take film courses at a local indie cinema. The classes run once a week for five weeks and each class is three hours--the teacher will talk about the film and put it in context, then we watch the film and discuss it after. Right now I am taking Sirens of the Cinema, which is all pre-code Hollywood films (before the censors came in and created a rating scale). I had my first class last Sunday. I think they are going to offer a Horror Film class, but I am not sure I will take it--depends on which films they show. Which classes are you auditing? You always have such an interesting mix of books and isn't William Trevor wonderful?! I love Elizabeth Peters, too, and usually try and read at least one or two of her books each year.
You have to deal with mostly hot weather most of the year, don't you?! I don't think I could live in Texas, though Austin sounds like a really cool city!Glad to hear you got in good reading time on vacation, but I am not surprised that back to routine means fewer hours spent doing all those other enjoyable things.
The weather has been totally up and down. One day hot and the next cool and I never know how to dress. It has been sticky, humid, too, which is not very pleasant late September. It is the hurricanes that is throwing off our weather, but I totally know I should not complain as I can deal with a few uncomfortable days when other places have been totally devastated by the weather. It has been a really awful season for them this year. I think I am now going on a mystery jag as well--I have not been reading so many but am very much in the mood for getting back to good traditional detective novels. I hope you had some good reading time and enjoyed your Monty Python marathon--it's sort of fun to gorge on TV sometimes!
It's a lot but in a good way! :) I am happy to hear your power has been restored and I hope by now you have got all the clean up out of the way. How did your horse do, is he okay? I loved Diary of a Provincial Lady, and would happily reread it, but I have never gotten around to reading any of the other books in the series. Are they equally as delightful? Your women's history book sounds good, too. I always want to read books like that but I 'save' them for when I have lots of time to spend on them--and you know how That goes!!
That is exactly how I feel and I suspect I will be finished with this one in just a few days. I have already ordered the second and third books and hope they arrive soon so I can keep the momentum going! I like that you very much get a sense of the characters' personalities, the setting and the feel of the social and historical--for such a slim little mystery she does pack a lot in there! Have you read any Sue Henry? By the way my copy of Joy Rhoades The Woolgrower's Companion came in the mail and I just started to read it!
I think there are lots of great suspense novels out there and I have a number of them queued up at the library, but all of a sudden I just couldn't take what I was reading. So, yes, I too need that change of scenery and I totally understand that desire! I really like this one and am flying through it. More often than not I want to pick up the next one right away but then get involved in some other book and then take forever to get back to the series. We'll see if I can stop that from happening with this one. It has a great atmosphere!