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Interests: books, needlework, altered art, walking, travelling, museums
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That's great! Great, that is, that you are keeping the in progress books in control. Do you think you are finishing them in a more timely manner just reading a few? I do understand how tempting it is to start new books!
I am trying to keep it tidy. It helps to have these visuals so I can see what I have on the go and try not to ignore them or let them languish. We'll see anyway. If nothing else I thought it would be fun after a few months to see the photos all together--a sort of time lapse! ;)
Well, I am not really sure how successful I am exactly at juggling so many books. As long as they are a nice variety of stories I can usually keep them more or less straight!
I am hoping that the pile will be reduced by a couple of these books anyway as I finish (finally) a few. My problem is I am such a slow reader and after a while I just want some new story added to my ongoing reads! Too many books are just too darn tempting.
I am not at all surprised that this was a favorite of you. I am really enjoying it, too, and it is a step above other reads. I have been impressed by all the books by her I have read. This is a spy story that doesn't exactly feel like one!
It must be at least a little easier to learn a new language my immersing yourself into the culture and speaking/reading it exclusively. Still, she seems like an exceptional writer so I would expect nothing less, really.
Did you see the movie The Namesake? That was adapted from one of her books. She is a wonderful writer and I highly recommend her work. I can't imagine being so fluent as to be able to not only write in another language as well as translate it into English! And she even has learned Italian as an adult, which I think is even harder!
It is a small little book--just an essay really but well worth searching out. It is interesting reading her translated work and comparing it to her other novels. I also want to read the book she translated into English.
You definitely won't be at a loss for good choice and I am sure you can easily find them both new in bookstores and used copies floating around (and likely more than a few library copies, too). I think you would enjoy them--they are generally quite slim novels and so far I have enjoyed each one I have picked up.
They are very nice editions and I have been adding the odd one here and there! I can't imagine trying to read these in order. I am not sure how many are in print. There must be a complete list of his books somewhere, but from what I understand he literally wrote hundreds of them. It would be quite a project for sure. Still, I am enjoying picking them up randomly and I have not noticed any reason to feel like I am missing something about the characters reading them this way.
I've not read a lot of Inspector Maigret mysteries, but the more I do the more I like them and the more keen I am to reach for a new one. With each new story I like to fill out... Continue reading
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A couple of years back I read Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake and it was one of my best reads of the year. I think she is a really fascinating person and an exceptional writer. Her style of storytelling is so... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at A Work in Progress
I think if I ever get around to reading it again I will do the same. Did you see that they have remade the movie once again? I guess that self-improvement thing never has ended, has it?! I have read a few of her more sensationalist stories-and they are very much a different kettle of fish! ;)
I really enjoyed this. She had a blog--maybe she is still blogging. I should really check it out and follow her, but the reading experience was so good, I almost am afraid I will 'jinx' it! She and her husband have ended up in Belgium. It was interesting to hear what her experiences were like in the various places she lived!
I guess I am pretty nerdy, too, when it comes to tracking my reads! I hope this year I will keep up more than last year--as I filled in most of the sheet in December! I am also using Goodreads as my back up, and if I am not too lazy (and usually I am) I can also copy my reviews over there, too. And it is fun with the social aspect, too! Another place for bookish chat.
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Happy 2018 Readerlane! I read the Stifter novel, though I must admit the story has faded from my mind a bit. Isn't it nice to start the new year out with a book in translation?! You'll have to share your prompts as you go! April will be fun to choose a book for. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to come up with good prompts for the whole year, but then I ended up with more than I could use! Which book did you choose for your Jan prompt?
And Best wishes to you, too! I was not feeling very inspired at first, but then my list ended up being too long and I had to pick and choose. I am already thinking (a little anyway) about my Feb prompt, so it is fun choosing.
I have started it as a weekly sort of thing but we'll see if I keep it up. I am wondering if I keep a close eye on those books if I will be better at finishing/not starting new books too soon? Probably not, but it is interesting to see how it changes from week to week. It is fun seeing what people are reading--visuals are always fun when it comes to books.
Do you and your husband share a nightstand, or do you each have your own? It is a cool thought to think of a his and hers stack of books! Mine seems to be sprouting and adding more books....I need to prune/or finish a few. I am getting close and hope to shift a few out soon! At least I am never at a loss for something good to read and have a variety of choices.
It's kind of fun to find a book that you might not otherwise pick up on your own. Actually I only added this one to my own list when a librarian where I work ordered it in for the collection and said she really enjoyed it. It is sort of different--not a traditional bio really, but I quite like these kinds of memoirs. Thanks for the nice words Iliana!
I'm glad to hear from you again! It has been a busy start to the year and I look forward to hearing what you are reading these days, too. I enjoyed this and it is a quick read--good to start the new year out with. I want to try her short stories as well--they look a little quirky.
HI Penny! Happy New Year. So nice to see you dropping by and I am glad you found a book or two to tempt you. I really enjoyed this one and just my copy of her earlier novel which has been on my shelves for a very long time. I shall enjoy perusing it! And maybe reading it soon.
It's such a drag being sick, isn't it?! I am better, though the cold outside is lingering and we are in for another wave of sub zeros temps. It is very wearing on a person, especially as I have no car and must depend on walking and the bus. Not to complain, but.... I have heard good things about The Magpie Murders and really need to get a copy--have been waiting for it to come out in paperback. I think I checked it out from the library at least twice but it had to go back unread as the line was too long and I could not renew/read before that due date that creeps up so very quickly! Hope you are enjoying the weekend, too, and that you get that extra day off.
I came away with two books and two magazines from the bookstore. I went in with a list so I didn't browse much which is probably a good thing really. I only have a few books checked out from the library which I only brought home today, though I am in line for loads of forthcoming books. Which Rhys Bowen series are you reading? I know she writes several. I want to try Her Royal Spyness. The one I read last year was a standalone and I am waiting for another of her novels again this year, which is another standalone. I know what you mean by those ebooks--there is not much serendipity at all and my library only carries bestsellers for ebooks, so the selection is pretty limited actually. Yes, no overdues with ebooks. It is sort of annoying to have them removed right on time. No fudging just a day or two to finish!!
Thanks Liz, I am feeling much better--just a bit of the sniffles. I got off really lucky considering so many people have been really ill and their colds and flus have dragged on and on! It is rare that I get such a day off as that one where I get to totally loaf about. I never quite spend it completely in bed with my books, but I did enjoy cozying up in my rocker with my hot water bottle and a pile of books. Gosh, that makes me sound like an old lady, but it was nice. I have maxed out how many books I can have on hold at the library (though I only have a very few checked out), and almost all seem to be just 'on order' so I am waiting and waiting now. I looked for the Lucuy Hughes Hallett at the bookstore, but they didn't have it so I must be patient now and wait my turn at the library. I have plenty to read in the meantime and spent a little time in m 'book room' looking for one book and came away with a whole pile of them--now they sit next to me by my rocker! ;)