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Interests: books, needlework, altered art, walking, travelling, museums
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Just a few things that caught my eye over the course of the week. It's been a toasty warm week and I am hoping for cooler days. Needless to say they will be spent indoors and hopefully with a book(s)... Continue reading
Posted 4 hours ago at A Work in Progress
I am not sure how I found this (I obviously do too much looking at books and publisher websites!), but it is a great find as I am enjoying it immensely. The writing/translation is lyrical. I wish they would translate more of her work. Hope all is well Cath! I have another postcard picked out and ready to write and mail to you! ;)
I should really keep a list of books I buy and when and then return to it--but it might be too depressing knowing how many books I buy but don't get to right away. Sometimes a book sits for literally years. Very bad of me, but then I am seriously spoiled for choice, but not spoiled for free reading time!
Toggle Commented 5 hours ago on Last Year This Week at A Work in Progress
I have read the first Gamache, but nothing since and really must rectify that as I know she has a very big fan base. I have a coworker who has read all of them and very much enjoys the series. A mystery series worth rereading must be good indeed!
I have printed out the list of Sharon Bolton books (from fantastic fiction, which I use quite often as an author/book resource!). Now I want to pick up the next Lacey novel....not sure if I have the standalone about the Falkland Islands--I might. I will have to check my piles. I have this desire to pick up Darktown this weekend, too. I have not read either Sharyn McCrumb or Marcia Muller (sigh)--there are just too too too many that sound good. I am not sure why I tend to not pick up US authors, but I fear I am missing out. I have added Susie Steiner to my list (and will see if I can find a used copy of the book). I am already in line for the Ruth Ware novel (way down at the bottom of a long line, but then I have yet to read her most will try and catch up). I will be curious to hear what you think of the Fiona Barton. I am enjoying it, but I could sort of set it down and pick up something else and not feel bad, if you know what I mean. It is good, but not overly compelling--maybe now that I am about halfway through it will start rolling along more quickly. I have an Amanda Craig on my pile (unread, surprise!), but I have at least added her newest to my wishlist. For some reason her books have not been published here. Yes, me too, I need more reading time. ;)
She is very good about publishing pretty regularly. I wish I could find a book description, but I have a feeling I sort of know the direction the author is taking the story now. I have never read any of the Sharon McCrumb books, but I think I will see if the used bookstore has any of them. Does it matter of they are read out of order? The sci fi books sound like fun, too. I try and also not buy too many books in advance as it can take a while to pick them up. I always think I will read several right in a row, but that never seems to happen. I just have too many series that I enjoy and try and follow! Lots of good mysteries coming out--yay.
I seem to be bombarded with emails and newsletters about forthcoming books, but then fall is the busiest publishing time, I think. I wish I could resist better than I do. I know what you mean by not wanting to get bogged down with a series--especially one that is long standing like the Maisie Dobbs series. It can feel a little overwhelming to know all those books are out there waiting to be read. She is an interesting character, though, if you have an inclination to pick up another book, I think you will enjoy it.
Thanks to FictFact I was alerted to the newest forthcoming Maisie Dobbs mystery due out next Spring! It seems such a very long way away, next March, doesn't it? But it is always nice to have good things (good books)... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at A Work in Progress
So, last year this week, it was hot much like it is this week now! I was just starting the Jane Smiley Last Hundred Years trilogy. I still need to read that last book. I was reading a book of... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at A Work in Progress
I like exotic/foreign mysteries and this one certainly fits the bill! I am now reading David Young's Stasi Child, which you might like, Iliana, as it is set in East Berlin in the mid-1970s--since you have travelled there a number of times it might feel (at least location-wise) familiar to you! I am not far into the book yet, but so far I like what I have read.
If yesterday I was wondering how accurate the portrayal of life in contemporary Saudi Arabia was in Zoe Ferraris's Finding Nouf, today I am reading a book (gotten via ILL and serendipitously it arrived just in time to start when... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at A Work in Progress
Now that sounds familiar. I have the first book and keep meaning to get to it.... I wouldn't mind reading Uprooted, too. Our copy has seen a lot of wear and tear so it must indeed be a good (popular) read!
It is easy reading but I have a feeling I will be returning it late and paying a fine (too many other books calling my name at the moment, too). I like that the characters are not all 20-somethings--it is nice reading about women who are more or less my contemporaries, or at least that is what it feels like as she never says their ages outright. I was young in the 70s, too, just elementary school so it is likely why I have such a nice nostalgic feeling--I was not quite cognizant of all the un-PC-ness of life! I bet today's students have never even seen a manual typewriter--wild to think about! (It doesn't feel All That Long Ago-lol).
It's hard to believe this is the way it is now for women there. I would hate not being independent. The book was a fascinating look into a totally different culture, but also the mystery was really good, too. I liked how it was so tailored to the place--very atmospheric and unusual. I have the other two books on my shelves for later. I am just waiting for my turn for the al-Sharif book--I have heard good things about it.
I have watched a few of the David Suchet shows on PBS and he is very good in the part. I always think of Peter Ustinov as Poirot as I saw him in the movies he made playing the part--I tend to always think of him first. I didn't realize Helen Mirren had a bio out--will have to look for it. She does seem like she has lead a very interesting life!
I have read it was the only novel he wrote--it is a slim story, too, less than 175 pages. I finally got my own NYRB edition so I shall start reading in earnest this week. His travel writing is really amazing, but for me he is sort of a formidable writer, too!
Yes, this is one from my summer reading theme--I do need to do a catch up post--maybe this week! I agree--the story does take time to get really rolling and I know I would have not minded at all if she had edited it down somewhat. It is a very long story--I am into the last couple hundred pages Finally!
I hope I am not ordering too many of my own 'want to read' books! I try and order from bestseller lists, though, so I am sure I am not the only one who is interested in these books. It is great fun and I always have to pace myself and just order a steady small stream of books to make sure there is variety!
As I am just paraprofessional staff and work with ordering materials and paying invoices, normally I would not be able to select for any of the library sections, but popular fiction falls into a gray area. I think they know how obsessive I am about books and reading that I could order for this small area, which is really cool and I feel very lucky to be given the task. I do put in lots of book suggestions for the regular collection, however! ;)
Have you read Naomi Novik's books?
I picked up the first book in both series yesterday from the library, but so far have only managed a cursory glance at each. It is so disgustingly hot here at the moment and my house is on the warm side, so I have not been able to do much reading or blogging or anything that requires concentration unfortunately. Will have to check out Anne McCaffrey, too!
Once you start, be prepared to watch all the episodes from all the seasons as it is very, very addicting! Helen Mirren is amazing in that role. I have to give Broadchurch a try, too. Have you watched Happy Valley? Another crime show well worth watching. I go to lots of movies these days (something you can easily go to all alone and no one ever bats an eye--can't say that about most things in Omaha sadly, and I am almost always just one my own), but I love movies, so I go see one or two or even three every weekend! I streams lots on my tablet, though, too, so that is a nice way to pick up all those shows and movies you miss at the theater!
I hope to see it on the big screen, though I have not yet seen it playing here in Omaha anywhere. I might just have to settle for seeing it streaming later. Glad to hear I still have a shot at seeing Tulip Fever, though it is not looking too good I will read the book first. more reading time please.
I am also not at all a fan of Colin Farrell, but I liked the women actors very much and the fact that Sophia Coppola directed the film. It was beautifully filmed and very atmospheric. Farrell's character was pretty unlikable, so it worked okay for me! ;) I wouldn't mind seeing the Clint Eastwood version at some point now, too. Yes, Lynda LaPlante also wrote Tennison, which arrived, so now I have the first volume of Prime Suspect (out of three) and Tennison waiting for me, and still one more episode of the TV show, which I actually quite like. I have this really weird fixation on the 70s so anything I can get my hands on is of interest. I don't think I have ever seen Stefanie Martini in anything before. I loved the Helen Mirren version, too. And I keep talking about Virginia Woolf...someday I will even pull the book from my shelves. (Sigh). Have you read Fiona Barton's The Child? I suspect you have--the reporter in the story reminds me of you as I know you used to do court reporting, right? I have to get moving and finish the book as it is due Thursday, so no more dipping in here and there.
Although I shudder at the thought, I have a fascination with a place that is so hot that a woman's shoe literally melds into the concrete surface as she is walking across a parking lot. This is what happens at... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at A Work in Progress