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Mike! This is an incredibly thoughtful review. Especially with the emotional nature of the topic. I do believe in "hell" as in post-this-life it will be something not good, whatever exactly it turns out to be. But I try to be civil and caring with those who may not agree. A lot is at stake with this topic, which does make it more likely an emotional issue. But I hope your heart of the manner in which people discuss it is something we all strive for. It is interesting as I think (at least in my perspective) are seeing now both ends of the theological spectrum now sending missiles at each other. It felt like it used to be only the right bombing the left, but now feels more like it is both ways. I am all for disagreement but how we disagree makes a huge difference and your approach and thinking here is what I know I hope to personally strive for - so thank you for modeling this! - Dan
Hi Andrew! --- Great post! Two follow up questions: 1) How would you describe the USA specifically in terms of things being a movement or not? I understand globally it is different and all you are reporting on, but what would you specifically observe about the USA context of it all? 2) With all the global activity you are reporting on (not the USA), theologically where would you put these churches? Despite their sizes or forms, what is the majority of them theologically from your best observations? Progressive, liberal, conservative, evangelical? Thanks Andrew!
Andrew - I was with Rick McKinley tonight and we talked about seminaries and their future and about how perhaps the local church will be the seminaries of the future somehow..... In regards to the church, I think I am more optimistic about the church, at least in the USA. There sure seems to be such wonderful things happening with new churches being launched and continuing, churches not quite as traditional as in the past and rethinking things, but still growing and people coming to faith who weren't Christians before. It seems as I travel around the USA I am gaining more optimism about the local church and the future, not less. Although I think it is causing some revising to how we go about things and some denominations dying out that have not made changes etc. But none the less, structured growing churches seem to be all around. So I get more optimistic here in the USA about it from seeing what is happening. Anyway, loved the blog post and so glad you were able to speak at our church earlier this year and hang out! It was wonderful having you with us and I am an Andrew Jones fan and look forward to what you say on The Nines!
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Mar 15, 2010
One day, you and I shall have to sit down and have a nice pipe smoke.
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I couldnt find how to change my sidebar typelist and additions to add or change.... it seems oversimplified to where I can't find common usage things right now. the older version was more user-friendly in finding what to do.
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May 18, 2009
I just got sucked into looking.. (is what that was supposed to say)...
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I just sucked into looking at this entire web site and the photo album and everything out of curiosity. 15 minutes are now gone... look at what you did to me on a Saturday morning when I should be spending that time with my family. Bob, you will be punished for drawing me into that web site.
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hi bob- happy three years! we turned three in february. it is quite an adventure. Dan
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