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I watch the show via the YouTube app on my television - 47" 1080p goodness, and no ads at all! It's the best. Honestly having that ability is the only way I could watch a long-form show on YouTube - a 19 inch monitor is simply too small for such viewing.
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I haven't touched Google+ as I have no need of it, but this doesn't surprise me. Google as a company doesn't seem to have any interest in letting the user have control of their experience. I refuse to install, much less use, Chrome due to its lack of a) installation control, and b) cache control. I don't care how fast your effing product is, if you don't let me decide where I want to install it and how it should run, I will not use it*. Of course the most successful company in tech right now is Apple, whose entire history involves telling their users "just do it the way we tell you, you'll like it," so maybe that's where Google is getting its ideas. But even Safari has goddamn cache control. *Side note: how stupid is the very concept of caching in 2012? Yeah, it made sense in 1995 when connection speeds were very slow and web pages didn't change very often, but in the current world of the constantly-updating, interactive, user-generated-content web, the very idea of caching views for the next time the user visits a page is inane.
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I just started homebrewing this year, and love it. I found this device that makes bottle sanitizing easier: It took some figuring out, but once I got the hang of it it's pretty quick. Just a spritz and then them on the bottle tree to dry.
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Bedroom, kitchen, dining room? Where do you stay when you're somewhere for extended filming like this? It doesn't sound like a hotel room - do they rent an apartment for you?
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Apr 7, 2011