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I also loved the Charmin tweets about the blackout. They've done well with the #tweetsfromtheseat effort. The power outage and Twitter was much more entertaining than the rest of the hoopla. Except for maybe the Paul Harvey voiceover for Dodge Trucks. Cheers!
This is a great outlook on the changing landscape of media. I cringe at the term social media, while at the same time using it in so many ways. Fortunately for me personally, I do not have to justify my existence to the C-level at my employer. However, using real-time media as a term to other marketers may help reduce the smirks and eye-glazing. Thanks for the ammo David.
I fought for a long time at a TV newsroom for this. Management banned all SM for a long time. I still have no respect for companies who treat their employees like children, rather than empowering them to connect and drive leads/sales simply by representing their companies online. I'm with you sir.
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Say the prayers, believe in His plan and keep your eyes open. God wants you to not only have happiness, but abundance. Enjoy the little ones (then take pleasure in handing them over when the cry, dirty the diapers or spit up LOL) and try to ignore the "when will you" questions. People are clueless in how they affect others. Be strong in your Faith :) And thanks for sharing!
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Good luck to Mr. Evans. You're right, there's really no more dark vs. light side IMHO. "Light side" journalists are often managed by bosses who are interested in profit margins, therefore are not always clear and untainted. After all, "if it bleeds it leads" isn't some untrue rhyme or cliche, it's a motto for many. I'm happy that my company followed the advice from you DMS and HubSpot and hired a journalist. We're creating brand journalism, and it's working! Cheers!
Thanks for showing us Austin! I keep saying I need to visit SXSW. What's funny is that I just saw the bat bridge on CBS Sunday Morning this week! Where is the best place to stay?
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Apr 12, 2011