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Is this game on TV locally at all?
Spector played a great LB Sunday, I thought.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2009 on EPL Week 11: A Look Back at Soccer By Ives
Beckster, No Spector came in and played at LB. He did well yesterday, I thought. Especially for being on the left.
Yeah, Zavon Hines is literally out of nowhere too. Prior to this year I'd bet anything that WHU felt Freddie Sears was the better prospect, I don't anyone thinks that now. Hines has been brilliant. And for CONCACAF relevance, he was called up last year as a full Jamaican international, but never played. Now he's playing with the England U-21's. Lets hope that CONCACAF wise he plays for England!
I agree that getting minutes matters. However he was technically benched for the game. Julien Faubert started at RB and Spector came on at LB because Herita Ilunga got hurt. Playing time is playing time, but Spector was not very good vs Sunderland (Which is why he was put back on the bench).
I understand they are young, but that penalty take was horrendous.
Goff's article bout Soehn's record when he had a week to prepare was interesting. He will get a job and be sucessful In my opinion.
I really hope NYRB hire Richie. But Middletown is NOT south Jersey Ives!
Brown won't even be at Hull within a month...much ado about nothing...
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2009 on Brown gives Altidore a life-line at Soccer By Ives
I'm disappointed. Maybe he would have helped, maybe he wouldn't. I think discounting him simply because he's in the 3rd division is foolhardy, however.
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