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Dante Lorenso
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I want to buy exactly the same setup you have except that I want all three monitors to be 24". I'm also going to use Synergy Plus: to control the keyboard and mouse between a Windows 7, Ubuntu Linux, and OS X Mac Mini (one on each screen). I'm thinking of also getting the Microsoft Natural Wireless Desktop 7000: Which is much like the 4000 keyboard model you touted in your other post, but it's wireless and has a tiny USB receiver instead of the gigantic one I have on the Desktop Pro series I have now. I need to look up those monitor arm model numbers you have and find the overall price. I hope triple 24"s will fit on my desk. Looks like you are also using IKEA Galant desk, is that true? I'm probably going to have to pick some of those up off Craig's List too.
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2010 on LCD Monitor Arms at Coding Horror
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Apr 1, 2010