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Well, enabling multiple accounts should just be an implementation detail for the OS/browser vendors. You could add multiple identities each with a 'cloud storage locker', and when the browser reads these special meta-tags for the create account view your browser/application would prompt you to select the identity you want to use.
What you're proposing should be additions to the HTTP spec, v1.2. It would add CREATEACCOUNT, LOGIN and LOGOUT as HTTP methods. The user would configure (once) on the device their 'cloud password locker', which the browser/application would send in the HTTP headers. The HTTP 1.2 based web server would then return a response with appropriate id numbers or whatever if the process was successful. Any solution for the password problem must be designed from the outset with non-browsers in mind - so it should be part of HTTP(S). To get rid of the CAPTCHA requirement would need something additional. How about the website generates a QR image, which would need to encode some identifier for that browser session. The user can then scan the image using their Smartphone. The device completes the account creation/login operation (using the principles described above), and the web server can then use the session identifier to refresh the website. Obviously, lots of assumptions in there.
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Sep 6, 2011