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Mobile devices are becoming more mainstream, but they still can't compete with pcs on their power/life ratios. As mobile devices become stronger, batteries get drained faster. I have a Galaxy s3 and I love it. I'm a ui designer and app developer, I'm also a gamer. Those are three activities I do not want to do on a mobile device (except maybe very casual gaming). Laptops can match some of that power, but the cooling solutions are often not as good as what you can put in a PC. Smartphones and tablets are booming because they are very casual friendly to the public and good for entertainment, but word processing, 3d modeling/rendering, animation, video editing/rendering, design, programming, and heavy gaming need the power of good cpus/gpus and with no interruption in battery life. I think that until there is a mobile device with the power to match PCs (but not drain the battery), PCs will be here for a long time. In terms of building web apps, that's why responsive design is so big now. To address the variety of devices connecting to the internet. Mobile devices and stationary devices have always survived different purposes, and perhaps always will. You have to have a mobile phone anyway, so smartphones are a great investment. Tablets on the other hand are more niche. But you wouldn't replace your computer with your phone, and for some of those same reasons, you wouldn't replace your computer with your smartphone (maybe for the least complicated tasks).
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Jeff, you are a genius. Yes, yes, yes. I have a text file with my passwords/usernames and I have to refer back to it when going to another site. It's a gigantic pain in the ass. This is a major restriction of the web, versus the desktop. But I'd like for the web to act more like the desktop. When you logon to your desktop, you input your username/password and are able to access all programs without a hitch. This is what I'd like for the web later, as you stated, having an ID/Password and accessing any site in the world on any device. There is however, one big catch. The only way it's possible is if either: 1) People use one identity or 2) The system is able to present multiple identities and you plug which identity you want to use into the website. Realistically, the more websites we go to, the bigger a problem this will be. I know I'm not the only one that goes to tons of forums/blogs/e-com sites and gets pissed off when you have to click the "forgot password button."
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Sep 6, 2011