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Bill, I LOVE this post. It is such a great reminder for all of us. Too often I get caught up in the belief that my fifth graders can create magic using technology tools if I just give them the access. While I believe they can make magic, your post is a great reminder that I need to be there to support, teach and learn along with them. Digital natives? Maybe? Learning and problem solving natives? Not Yet.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2013 on Digital Immigrants Unite! at The Tempered Radical
Bill, I appreciate your comments on this issue. The last couple of days have been interesting. I have gone from engaged to frustrated to angry and ultimately I just feel resigned. I too worry about the idea of blocking someone. The purpose (for me) of social media is to engage in conversation, but as you note conversation should be two way. Conversations that start with personal attacks go nowhere and make people defensive and have no place in any medium. I don't want to tweet or blog in an echo chamber, and I invite discourse, but it must be reasoned. Respect and humility should be a part of any conversation either online or face to face. I will continue to reflect on the issue. Thanks for sharing - quite courageous as you have opened yourself up for criticism. Take care.
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Aug 25, 2012