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I'm on BB TA, and I can't get new movies online period. I have been relying on the unlimted coupons to get new movies, as I'd hold my tv shows I got form online, and take them into the store to get new releases. Now that the TA coupons are gone from unlimited to 5 at a time, I'll be dropping BB altogether and going to use RedBox for a while. Been using them the last couple of weeks, and for $1 a dvd, I haven't missed getting anything new. I'd sign up and pay through the nose for a service that had enough F*&^%^%$ inventory and Distribution centers that there was NEVER a short wait/long wait/very long wait. Neither NF or BB is the option for it right now.
I've been a member since Jan 2005. I got a letter telling me that I can keep my 3 @ time plan at the current $17.99 a month, but I would be downgraded to the 5 only in store exchanges. I was then told If I wanted I could upgrade to $24.99 just to keep the plan as it was originally!!! Some grandfathering!!! My main problem with this is that EVERY new release I put in my queue goes automatically to Short WAIT on Tuesday. I'm forced to use TA to go to the store just to get NEW stuff. Online the only things I can get are TV shows, Anime, and Foriegn/Catalog. I will probably cut my plan back, and just start using Redbox to get my new releases. But if I do that, then I can see cutting down to a BBBM plan, at around $8.99. BB won't get much profit if all existing TA customers do this....
Has anyone experienced a store that just made it hard to do the Netflix exchange? After hearing about this on Wed, I went to my usual store ( 50th St, Warr Acres) and they exchanged two red Netflix flaps, the front of the netflix envelopes, which is all I brought in, for two free rentals. I jus got back from a store a little further out from me, (74th S. Western) and I presented two red outer flaps to exchange for two movie rentals. The guy who was at the register, he talked up the TA plan, which I told him I had, and then he called over the manager to proceed to give me the free rentals. The manager of this store said that she couldn't do it, becasue I didn't bring in the WHOLE Red Netflix envelope. I said, why would I need to do this? The BB Press release said it was only the outer flap, not the envelope. She said they had to scan the outer flap, for a barcode to enter into the system. I told her she was the only store I had heard this from, as the other store didn't require anything but the front flap. She said that they require the envelope to do the free rentals. I promptly left and went back to my regular BB store. The mananger was REALLY adamant that she have the WHOLE envelope. Just curious if anybody else experienced this. I plan on calling BB Customer Service on Monday about this....
Well it has been two weeks on this thing, and I can tell you I am less than impressed. 1. Auto check in of DVDs in stores is a LIE. I hold and take back four dvds at a time to the store, they give me four in store rentals. But only ONE dvd clears my QUEUE. I have to email them to clear the other three out of my queue or report them as returned, for them to clear. WTF? 2. Be Aware of the 2 Day Zip Zone shipping I was told that by Blockbuster Customer Care, after having three DVDs in my QUEUE marked as AVAILABLE that the DVDS would not ship to me, as the DVDS are outside my 2 Day ship zone ( Nearest DistriButionCenter) and until this disc made it into the Inventory of my nearest DBC, that I might not never see it. again, WTF? They explained as to why you could have four AVAILABLE dvds in your top slots in your QUEUE, but if only the bottom two were in your local 2 day Ship Zone, then #1 and #2 would be skipped over, and #3 and #4 would be sent out. To me this brings them waay below NF. Say what you will about NF, but I'd take a throttled DVD from Honolulu that means I'll actually get it, vs. Waiting for Blockbuster to finally get around and upping their inventory at my local DBC, so I can get a DVD that is supposedly Available. Here is the info from the horses mouth: "Response (Blockbuster Online) 11/11/2006 12:07 PM Hello Terry, Thank you for contacting BLOCKBUSTER Online Customer Care. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, Terry. With respect with your movie "Sex and Fury (1973)", although a movie shows "Available Now", the availability indicators you see are actually global indicators as opposed to local. What I mean by this is that we have a network of shipping centers across America, 35 in all. BLOCKBUSTER Online calculates how many physical copies we have and compares that number to how many requests we have for those DVDs. If our system determines that we have enough inventory to meet demand, then we will display "Available Now" in your Queue. Our goal is to deliver your DVDs in less than 3 business days, so we will consider your closest shipping centers to determine which DVD to send next. In this case, sometimes this means that the copies we have in-stock are at shipping centers that will take longer than 3 business days for you to receive. This is why we encourage you to keep a healthy list of movies in your Queue. If you request upwards of 40 "Available Now" titles, I'm certain that you'll never have shipping delays. With over 55,000 selections to choose from, I know a movie lover like you will find plenty of DVDs you want to rent. In fact, many of our customers have lined up about 100 titles in their queue and they are as happy as can be with their subscription. I understand it's frustrating when we don't send your first choices. We're currently reviewing this process in order to improve in this area. I appreciate your patience as we work to provide you with the best service possible. As a token of appreciation for your patience, please accept an e-coupon for free in-store rental of a movie of your choice. Please keep the title at the top of your Queue, so when there is an open slot, and the movie becomes ready for shipping, we will allocate it as quickly as possible. If you have other concerns, please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you today. My warmest regards, Ace Customer Care Associate BLOCKBUSTER Online" It has been at the top of my Queue, Marked as AVAILABLE , for the last TWO WEEKS!! Tuesday will mark THREE WEEKS, and it still gets skipped over for others in my queue, but yet says AVAILABLE. Currently, as I now have TWO in store coupons ( this weeks in the four a month batch, and the one they sent me to "appease" me for this screw-up), my queue has only four titles, "Sex and Fury", "Superman Returns", "the Protector" and "Ice Age 2". One Avaialble now I can't get, and three not released DVDs. I use the rental coupons on mailers for older catalog dvds, as store inventories SUCK, and who wants to watch old Steven Segal and Arnie flicks in their QUEUE? The online inventory is DEEPER, so you want to use it for new releases and HARD TO FIND stuff, not fill it up with catalog crap. This is unacceptable. terryj
I returned two discs to my local BB store I frequent, and they are not a franchise store (44th and Shields, OKC, Ok), on Thrusday. They scanned them in, and I checked the que on the laptop they had in store. Didn't clear. I told the clerk I would give it 24 hours, no big deal. I checked Friday afternoon, still didn't clear. I emailed Customer Service about the issue, gave them the store ID, and the movie titles. Saturday I got an email back, they were cleared and the next two were set to ship out Sat. They said it was a bug in the rollout, and should be fixed over the course of " a couple of weeks". They also remined me to have at least 30 movies in my que ( I usually keep about 15 or so, as I juggle currently between NF and BB) to insure something will ship, as short wait and long wait movies will delay anything getting sent out.