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You are absolutely correct. Hollywood is all about the easy money, ticket prices have gone up, 3D has been abused to just add on to make the extra $ and quality in films today have gone down so much. Leaving Inception out of the picture, only one true film has stood out as something that is a film with true quality and that is Toy Story 3. Though it is a sequel and it uses 3D this film is something that all can enjoy with so many strong elements and fun for everyone. Pixar is smart in making films to tell stories that are worth telling so people can enjoy a great movie. Inception is well likely to be the next film that will have tremendous quality in all areas. Christopher Nolan doesn't make movies for money or because he has nothing better to do, he does it because he loves the art of making movies, it's his passion. When Nolan was presented with converting Inception into 3D he ended up saying no, not because he didn't like it but for him there really was no need and the process would delay the release of the film. Nolan has even said he's not against 3D, 3D is a tool to help tell the story but it's not always needed, it can add so much to a film but Hollywood doesn't care about what it can add to the quality of the film, they're looking at how it can add to the box office numbers. I love how when people ask him about the next Batman movie or the upcoming Superman, he tells them "I focus on one movie at a time" he's focused completely on making films great and making them to the best of his ability so we the audience can have a great time at the movies. I truly hope this film will open up and slap Hollywood in the face to show what they've been missing for some time now, quality. Not ever film has to be original to be great, Toy Story 3 proves that. Anyway great article, very good stuff.
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Jul 15, 2010