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I agree with much of the article, I'm actually quite excited about Windows 8. Like most people I have an iPad which I carry around with me to most places but I've found that over time I've been using it less and less. In fact, I barely open it at all these days although apps like BBC iPlayer are handy for keeping the kids quiet if there's a decent web connection. The novelty has worn off, if I want to do something productive then I still need my laptop while if I need some information or to quickly check my email while on the move then my phone is always more convenient. The iPad is just this redundant piece of kit which doesn't really serve any pressing need in my life except possibly as a convenient digital book store. That's quite an expensive book storage device. What excited me about Windows 8 isn't so much how it compares to Windows 7 but rather the exciting prospect of a tablet that's actually worth carrying around. I can still run iPlayer and the other passive app's the kids run on the iPad but there's also a keyboard and serious business apps so I can flip out a real keyboard and do something grownup. How easy is it to use? Well I ran it on a desktop with touch screen and my 4 year old daughter without direction was able to find a game and start playing it, granted using the touch navigational skills picked up from years of iPad and iPhone time. In Windows 7 I still have to really help out. So Windows 8 combined with more creative devices could give me something I would actually use. A tablet that even my 4 year old can use like the iPad combined with a very portable computer I can carry on the plane and start using, something I still find awkward even with a smallish laptop. On the desktop or laptop I'm not so sure, at the very least I hope it won't be less productive than Windows 7 but to be honest if I can fire up my business software and use it with a real flip out keyboard then perhaps I won't need a laptop at all so it becomes a redundant concern. That's what I hoped for from the iPad but it failed to deliver, hopefully this will be the winner and give me a new device that really does replace the laptop.
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2012 on Betting the Company on Windows 8 at Coding Horror
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Jul 11, 2012