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Oh, and if you have the opportunity and inclination in Melbourne, go to the Planetarium at Spotswood, ask for Martin and tell him I sent you. d
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In my view, as a life-long Brisbane boy whose family and wife are from the Gold Coast... The Gold Coast is rather built up and tacky. A quick drive down to Northern NSW provides beaches just as lovely, but without the overwhelming numbers of tourists and skyscrapers. Byron Bay is also very tourist trappie. Currumbin Sanctuary is fabulous and probably the best way to spend some time with wildlife. I've not been for some years, but it's the place to go. The hinterland (the 'mountains' just inland), are worth the trip. You'll get a proper feel for our vegetation, and there's some lovely views. Natural Arch (or Natural Bridge) is a first rate trip. A nice easy walk through a national park, to a waterfall that falls through a hole in the roof of a cave full of glow-worms. If you can time it for twilight, do so. Meanwhile in Brisbane... South Bank Parklands is nice to wander through, and leads to the Cultural Centre, with the Museum, the ScienCentre, The Art Gallery, the Gallery of Modern Art and the State Library, all of which are worth a visit and are mostly free. The State Library just opened a new exhibition about the flood of 2011. I can't tell how much interest it holds for foreigners, but it's really a wonderfully assembled combination of modern curation (Augmented Reality iPad apps etc) in context with historical pieces (a room on the great flood of 1896). West End is good for a morning or afternoon, as is The Valley. I love my home, but it is a small scale city. A wonderful, easy place to live, which I used to describe as 'just the right sized pond for this little fish'. But I am often at a loss for 'great things that tourists should do'. The River is a wonderful feature (and the thing that floods), and other have suggested taking a CityCat ferry. It sounds mundane, but it's a delightful trip. South Bank to New Farm Park is probably the most convenient segment, but going further in either direction will be rewarding. If you have time, and you may not, you could consider a trip to Stradbroke Island. Moreton Bay is a place of great beauty, with 365 islands, and the barge to Straddie is a great trip to a remarkable place, but it'll take at least a day. Lord, I just asked Wifey what she would recommend, and she's watching your bowling episode of BBT. I had to confess I was asking What Should Wil Wheaton Do... Good luck to you and Anne and I hope you have a good time. I mean, you will have a good time because, hey! you're on a working holiday in Australia and a that's a fun thing to do (I'm sure). I hope my home and neighbours make a good impression. d
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Apr 12, 2012