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I think Windows 8 will sell well because of the $40 upgrade. If I can dig out an old dead XP box, wipe the dust of the license sticker, dial that code into the Microsoft site and pay $40 and download an ISO of win8, then I'll certainly be doing that. Even if in my case it's only for a few games in boot camp on my Retina MacBook Pro. Yep, Apple gets thousands of dollars from me every year, and Microsoft is going to get $40 from me. People have never liked paying for software. Microsoft is now just waking up to this. I'm sure enterprise users, for years, will lock solidly on Win7 just as they did with XP. I mean I still know many companies who refuse to upgrade from Win Server 2003 because they took away the included outlook license per cal license and they don't want to buy 50+ copies of office. I agree with the article that Windows 95 was exciting. You know what? Look at those two screen shots above. Compare Windows 7 to Windows 95. Which one is easier to use? They've seriously gone backwards in a big way. Even worse, look at Control Panel in 95 vs Control Panel in Windows 7, in large icon view. WTF?? They dropped the ball. Suppose Windows XP is bringing up a log in screen, and you want it to auto log in to your user account, because you're a home user. On a Mac, in System Preferences, Accounts, you click "logos options" and under auto login drop down, choose your account. On Windows XP, you edit the registry. Really. Want to move a program from your old mac to your new mac? Drag and drop, put it on a USB flash drive, whatever. Want to move a program from your old PC to your new one? Oh I'm sorry, you can't, original installation media required, because the installer file explodes itself into your registry and and system32 folders and program files and puts DLL's everywhere, which is great until malware or a legitimate app over writes required files. Sorry, end rant, but I used to be the biggest Windows fan ever but they've dropped the ball, and they deserve what they get. I truly hope though that they can pick up the pieces quick smart because we need the competition. Deffiantely don't want Apple ruling the world as Microsoft did in the 90's.
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2012 on Betting the Company on Windows 8 at Coding Horror
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Jul 12, 2012