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Hello Mike, This is my first posting to you. I'm one of your old 37th Frame subscribers. I have been on several workshops where we have discussed print pricing and I come from the perspective of one who considers myself an "advanced amateur" and as an artist who sells a little. In the few momenents I've spent with other serious photographers like me, I'd say the 2 tier print pricing concept is a good one. I too have considered selling large and hard to make framed prints at high prices and then practically "giving away" 8 x 10's, etc. In my local art region of Eureka, CA (Redwoods country), I've just begun to develop a reputation in the local art community for doing large (2x3', 3x4', & 3x5') nature and landscape prints, flush mounted on gatorboard and held ridgid with wooden bracing on back side (no mattes or glass, etc.). Over the last few years, I've done maybe $ 5,000 total. Just now a local camera store will have my work on their walls for an extended time and we'll see how it goes. And I've been given the opportunity to display for 6 months at our local community airport. Both big opportunities. I have my sympathies for Jeff and his pricing of his work in Washington, D.C. I'm in no man's land by comparison. The crux of the issue to me boils down to 2 issues: 1) How big and where is the audience that knows you and/or likes you (and your work). 2) What are the current market conditions in that area of #1 above. I consider nature and landscape photography in the west to be totally saturated and only the best/luckiest/agressive few make it. So I'm selling really nice unmounted inkjet prints on 13x19 and 17x22 size papers for $ 45 and $ 59 respectively and feel fortunate to be selling some. A big 3' x 5' mounted print goes for "just" $ 495. Again, I sell a few. Ask any more within my "zone" of being known and I feel I'd sell nothing. That is my two tier life at the moment! The one major area of communication (to expand my name and audience) on which I've so far failed miserably, is getting my web site known to the outside world. So I am trying to find out more about this subject. Best, Dave Van de Mark (
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Nov 6, 2011