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Dave Press
New York, NY
is a grad student and doesn't want to describe himself as a nerd because that would be obvious.
Interests: writing movies and comics, enjoys self flagellation in the form of rooting for the buffalo bills, and balances it all out by liking the New York Yankees
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I think my mind would officially melt if this happened.
I struggled to get through the first part, but I'm very much interested in seeing the payoff with the Time Lords. I have no doubt the final episode will be pretty awesome.
As everything goes when it comes to Gawker: any press from them, bad or good, is good press. Some things never change in the Internet Age.
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Dec 28, 2009
God, I can't tell you how many times I've driven over that thing looking for the Lake Champlain lake monster, "Champ". Sad to see it go.
sigh. that's all I got: a long, frustrated, sigh.
Yeah, I agree with that too. I think the Time Lords are coming back, but I'm with you Jeff--I'm not sure I like Matt Smith but Moffat is fantastic. I just re-watched JEKYLL and what a brilliant piece of television writing that is.
Toggle Commented Dec 20, 2009 on DOCTOR WHO: THE END OF TIME at GeekWeek
Yeah, I have to agree 1000%, it's a shame audiences go for formula rather than fun, but Chuck is also up against Schwartz's other show: Gossip Girl.
"Bones." I should just change it to Leonard McCoy.
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2009 on I Am B-Scream at GeekWeek
Your teeth look fine, bud. I'm actually really looking forward to your thoughts/review on the new Star Trek film. Speaking as someone who never liked Star Trek, the movie (so far) appears to be a TON OF FUN. And I think a WWdN review will be something I'm really looking forward to. Have a fun time at the festival. Wish I was there, Charlie Huston is a great guy, and I'm a fan of his for life.
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2009 on hey, look, that's me! at WWdN: In Exile
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Oh Stratford Upon Avon, I have fond memories of watching Toy Soldiers on the screen of a bar there in 2002. We had six hours between getting there and a showing of MacBeth on the Shakespeare stage so some friends and I decided to drink before the show. Boy, did we enjoy ourselves. Neat picture.
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taking a look at the Spoilers premiere today for work, Wil. Really looking forward to seeing what you have to say on the show.
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well...that is stellar.
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be sure to say when it comes out.
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2008 on wil's big news of the day at WWdN: In Exile
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Yeah, I was massively disappointed in Obama backing the act, which isn't specifically AT &T its actually most if not all of the Telecom companies. Good bye civil liberties.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2008 on moon over a ruined castle at WWdN: In Exile
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still very depressed you didn't make an "official" stop in NYC. Oh well, next time.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2008 on introducing sunken treasure at WWdN: In Exile
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I'm still putting in my dues and I've been a published writer since I was sixteen when I interned at my local newspaper, but I find this post especially true. I wanna say, that others here have commented on as well, is alot of your time is spent developing your craft, but its also going and getting what you want. Quite honestly, I would say, you're always developing your craft; its never-ending. As you get older and you write more and more you learn and that's developing your craft with learning makes you better and if you focus on that put yourself out there. An example of this is my own thing. I've worked in journalism, and much of my published work as a writer has been through that outlet so after a draught of not doing any of that and focusing on writing other things like fiction, screenplays, etc, I realized one day that I had stopped doing journalism all together. I realized that I had abandoned something that I had always been good at and where I really developed my style and who I am as a writer in the name of trying something else. Not that I think its time wasted because I don't think trying something completely different artistically that is still what you do is time wasted, it actually makes you a stronger person as well as an artist. So, considering I've been published in journalism, and writing for print more specifically was something I started doing very young (16) and comic books have always been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember, I thought to myself: why not try writing for one of the comics reporting sites? So I emailed around seeing if anyone would let me write for them. Broken Frontier did and I did it for free for a while because I feel like if its something you love doing you should be able to say you'd do it for free. After a couple of articles, Comic Book Resources popped right up and offered me a paying job writing for them. And since I've joined that staff, I've had offers to write for other online magazines like Smith. So, I would say its three things: first, working to improve your craft (and not being afraid to take risks on things you have no kind of experience in); second, making your own luck and putting yourself out there, and knowing what you are absolutely good at. That someone has paid you for. It all boils down to sitting down and working on your art every day.
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Also? I just love the fact that Shatner got snubbed from a cameo.
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@Andrew: Oh yeah man, that's what I'm saying. Pegg is awesome, its just the rest of the cast and my levels of ambivelence in regards to Star Trek that makes me not honestly care about it in anyway and that's why I agree with JJ here in that it is something that has to be brought to a new audience and that requires certain things to change. Its better this way considering this movie is like the premise of Smallville, which in itself is a reinvention. And a highly successful one so I really don't understand the beef.
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I don't know about you all, but I couldn't be more disinterested in this movie. I mean I guess you could say their name on this movie is Simon Pegg, and that's y'know not good. The guy playing Kirk? I have no clue who he is and considering he was in "Just My Luck," leads me to say that this will be a rent for me. Besides I don't disagree with JJ's statements he's gotta make it applicable to other audience members and can't make a movie geared only towards the fans. You can't pander, and you know you shouldn't fault him if he wants to try something else. Its like all the nutty X-Men fans screaming at Bryan Singer when he made Jean Grey a doctor. BFD.
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Seems like a ton of fun. I don't know if you can, but it could be cool to read later, Comic Book Resources staff writers from around the US(that'd be me, from NYC) will be live blogging FCBD Day throughout the US tomorrow. Read it here:
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That book and beer sounds like an awesome time. If I had a bar, or a brewery I would definitely organize an event like that. If you make an "official" Geek Tour visit to NYC. I would recommend doing something like that at Rocketship: They serve up Brooklyn Lager for free and that girl who stared in Teeth lives near there and frequently comes by. She's a cool girl.
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A question for New Yorkers: What's with all the scaffolds? They seem as impermanent as the going out of business sales you used to see in the camera shops on Times Square before it was gentrified into a giant fucking mall. They exist as a bane to our existence. New York is in a constant state of rebuilding.
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