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Article marketing has been around as long as the internet and has long been regarded as one of the best ways of marketing your website online for free. Although I personally know quite a lot of website owners who spend a lot of money having quality articles written for them.... Continue reading
So what has subconscious mind power to do with being happy? [caption id="attachment_932" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Transform Your Mind"][/caption] Do you ever feel you are chasing happiness and no matter what you do, it seems to elude you. Well there is a scientific reason for that and it has everything to... Continue reading
Bum marketing is a form of article marketing but it has been modified to get people to buy stuff from you and can be a great article marketing strategy, especially for affiliate marketers and also for network marketers. It focuses more on keywords and special techniques to get people to... Continue reading
Forum Marketing has declined somewhat in popularity recently, largely because of the Google panda updates, but these mainly hit those folks who where creating forum profiles en mass, usually with the aid of some sort of auto submitter. This does not mean that forum marketing is no longer a viable... Continue reading
Why 7 Minute Workout And Who Can Benefit From It? Just about all of us want to lose a bit of weight and get fitter, so we can get the best out of what life has to offer. But it is not always just so easy to do, as life... Continue reading
Well it's official spring is finally here, I say finally because it seems to have been a long , cold and wet winter here in Crete even though we get off lightly compared to our neighbours a little further north in south east Europe. It's just that all the houses... Continue reading
I had a nice surprise the other day when I went to our local post office in Neapoli as there was a parcel waiting for me. I had no idea what it could be as I wasn't expecting anything, and it turned out to be a mug from my favourite... Continue reading
How To Achieve Super Mind Power And Why We Need To! How often have you heard the phrase, use it or lose it? When we say this we are usually talking about our bodies and especially certain parts of our bodies as we get older, LOL, but it is especially... Continue reading
Today's my lead system pro review features Diane Hochman who is MLSP's member of the month for March 2012. Diane's extraordinary feat that earned her this recognition was becoming a L4 leader within 6 months of joining My Lead System Pro. Diane has been a network marketer since 1999 and... Continue reading
7 Minute Workout - The Science and The Benefits To You - Click Here Stop Press 7 Minute Workout is 1 Year Old Today March 12 2011! Check out the video below to see how it has effected me then click the link above to check out what it has... Continue reading
Network Marketing Secrets Making Use Of Joint Ventures My network marketing secrets post today is all about making use of joint ventures with other marketers and is a strategy used a lot in affiliate marketing but there is no reason at all for network marketers not to use this strategy.... Continue reading
Super Mind Power Develops The Mental Skills Necessary To Create Abundance In Your Life! We are all on a journey and that journey will take us to wherever we want to go, but, we must know where we want to go and then develop the super mind power skills that... Continue reading
[caption id="attachment_784" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Network Marketing Pro"][/caption] I have done a couple of posts on the topic improve mind power and they where very well received so I did a bit of research and came across these fun ways to improve mind power. We must remember that having the correct... Continue reading
David Sharp network marketing pro taking a day off but we never stop do we! [caption id="attachment_784" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Network Marketing Pro"][/caption] Yesterday was what we call clean Monday here in Greece and it is a national holiday, the last day pious folk can eat meat, dairy products or oil... Continue reading
Network Marketing Success & What To Really Say To Your Prospects To Bring Them Into Your Business! In my last post, 'Does Success In Network Marketing Involve Talking To Prospects' I discussed the need to talk to our leads and came to the conclusion that we do, we really do.... Continue reading
Network Marketing Success & What To Really Say To Your Prospects To Bring Them Into Your Business! In my last post, 'Does Success In Network Marketing Involve Talking To Prospects' I discussed the need to talk to our leads and came to the conclusion that we do, we really do.... Continue reading
content David Sharp Skyp: davebuilder email: P.S. Click here and I'll give YOU a PROVEN WAY to Get 513 Laser Targeted Prospects for Your Business Over and Over Again.............FOR Read more ... Continue reading
Did you Know! Success in any home business and particularly network marketing is not just about having the necessary skills it is also about having the right attitude or mind-set. We must create our own super mind power in order to develop that millionaire mind that is so vital to... Continue reading
[caption id="" align="alignright" width="122" caption="Tracey Walker"][/caption] In the early hours of the morning, here in Greece that is, I was lucky enough to attend a live webinar held for our online mastermind group The 1oo Day Biz Builder Challenge and our guest speaker was non other than MLSP L4 Leader... Continue reading
It's the middle of winter now and for some of us it is quite cold depending on were in the world you live that is. All my friends in Florida for instance are probably basking in sunshine right now, but here on Crete it is quite cold, although nothing like... Continue reading
What is super mind power and why do we need to harness it. I was fortunate enough to listen to some fantastic self development training in the early hours of this morning, 3.00am to be exact that was presented by Darren Little. I didn't know too much about Darren except... Continue reading
How To Improve Mind Power and Get Rid Of YOUR Phobia's! I had the pleasure a couple of days back of watching a recording of one of David Wood's presentations in which he was talking about how to improve mind power by understanding just how the mind works, and then... Continue reading
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Feb 19, 2012