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David Berkowitz
New York, NY
Chief Marketing Officer at agency MRY
Interests: marketing, technology, social media, mobile media, startups, emerging media, and anything decent served from a food truck
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What's this storymaking stuff all about? I've been blogging about it and presenting on it, but let's have a real conversation about it. That's the plan for my webinar coming up with Sally Falkow on Tuesday at 1pm ET, hosted by CommPRO. Register at the above link, and be prepared to ask some great questions, as we hope to keep it very interactive. Continue reading
Originally published in Ad Age The shift from storytelling to storymaking is well under way. I first wrote about storymaking in a DigitalNext columnlast year, describing how marketers can tap into stories people are sharing with each other, as opposed to the broadcast approach of storytelling. Storymaking isn't a tactic in its own right, but various technologies can bring it to life. Here are four technologies that are powering storymaking and how brands can use... Continue reading
It turns out that as much as I've been talking about where mobile media, marketing, and technology are heading, I haven't exactly been eating my own dog food. Thanks to a Facebook post by Jeremiah Owyang, I found the Google tool to assess if a site is mobile-friendly. Mine wasn't. At all. It was terrible. Now, I didn't exactly design my site myself. I used a template from TypePad. So I searched for info about... Continue reading
Happy event season. I've got a couple fun things that I'm moderating this month. If you're going to either of these, drop me a note. First, this week is Ad Age's Digital conference with a who's who of brand CMOs, agency CEOs, and other leaders. Here's my session, Tuesday at 2: The Story Makers For too long, marketers have been focusing on how they communicate on digital platforms through the wrong lens—thestoryteller’s lens. As a... Continue reading
I did enjoy creating a recap deck for SXSW before the event. It was perhaps a little too honest. And it was oddly useful for building out an actual recap. Now that it's done though, here's a recap in earnest of SXSW 2015, focusing on brands, technology, and some great observations from my MRY team. MRY's SXSW 2015 Recap: Brands, Tech, Meerkat, Trends, and Meerkat from David Berkowitz Continue reading
Are you going to South by Southwest (SXSW) this year? I'll be back for SXSW Interactive - my seventh straight year there. Here are a few ways to stay looped in: 1) I've got a draft deck on Slideshare that gives a taste of all the trends you'll see at SXSW. Yes, it's a parody, but yet all too real for what goes on in trying to do recaps for clients afterwards. Even more importantly,... Continue reading
You're welcome. SXSW Trend Deck Preview: Brands, Tech Startups, Tacos, and More from David Berkowitz Continue reading
I've had drones on my mind a lot lately. Part of it is because of the amazing crew at Yeah Drones that produced the first ever Drone Film Festival. My agency, MRY, was a gold sponsor, and the image above is the ad from the festival program. My agency also produced a video, some of which debuted at the festival, of the office of the future - where we envisioned what it would be like... Continue reading
I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Bill Sobel for CMS Wire, where I shared some thoughts on ideas and collaboration, but also on how past experiences laid the groundwork for the present state of marketing. For instance, I shared a few thoughts on the evolution of search and social: It was, at the time, a Herculean effort for marketers to shift from focusing on their reputation in Google to their actual reputation.... Continue reading
I previously shared my Story about the End of Storytelling that I presented at INBOUND 2015. Now, INBOUND has posted my Bold Talk video on their blog. Better still, go to the Bold Talks topic there to see all the other speakers, including C.C. Chapman, Christine Perkett, Shane Snow, Joel Comm, and many more. Additionally, if you'd rather read the presentation instead of watch it, you can find the full text on SlideShare. A Story... Continue reading
Funny you should ask. I had a conversation with the fine folks at Mashable about that. You can view the video at Mashable (the embed code didn't work). Warning: my head is really huge in the frame. You might need to turn away from your screen periodically. Sorry. Continue reading
Do you like content marketing? And startups without really weird spellings? And prisms? Good! On Thursday, I'll be doing a webinar with my friends at Chute where you will get a great look at how to effectively market content or content market or something like that. There was a rehearsal. I learned stuff. You might too. Or you can at least block out the time so no one books more meetings on your calendar. Win... Continue reading
What's it really like at CES? The problem is that there are a lot of different versions of CES - two in particular. This is what I try to illustrate in this new post now on LinkedIn. Here's a brief excerpt: The Public CES is the one the media covers. Want to see the curved 4K TVs with OLED or whatever nanoparticles that make the picture a million times better than the set you bought... Continue reading
Now that the Consumer Electronics Show is over, I've got a bunch of updates to share, and I'll be spreading them out over the next week or so (and perhaps beyond if more comes up). Below though, you can find a lot of the highlights of the best technologies and updates from the show. If you're interested in more like this, feel free to follow me on SlideShare. CES 2015: 50+ Highlights for Marketers from... Continue reading
I was so outraged over the latest social outrage that I neglected to share this post that Ad Age had the audacity to run. You can catch the final version in Ad Age or read more below here. How to Play It Safe in Social Are you swelling with outrage over something so preposterously outrageous? Are you offended? Are you offended even more that people aren’t offended? Then you must have read the latest brand’s... Continue reading
Pardon some light posting lately, as I had some wonderful travels across Israel and Italy on vacation, followed by a trip to Spain for work. More on that in a moment. Here's where I'll be this month. Let me know if you're at any of these events. First, where I've been: I was just in Madrid speaking at Ideagoras 2014 at the BBVA Innovation Center, thanks to the invite by the incomparable host Angel Gonzalez.... Continue reading
It feels like it was ages since HubSpot's Inbound 2014, especially during a jam-packed event season that has included Advertising Week NY, Advertising Week Maryland and Baltimore's Digital Summit, Tech Week NYC, and so much more. But... I did finally get around to reading their highlight deck, and given how many fantastic speakers they brought together, here's a sampler platter. Key Takeaways from INBOUND 2014 from HubSpot Continue reading
This month, I'm heading to Baltimore for the first time. The occasion? Balimore Advertising Week and the Baltimore Digital Summit. I'll be taking part in two sessions: Giving a talk on How Mobile Marketing Changes When Your New Car is a Smartphone, featuring research from MRY's recent study Moderating a session on Navigating the Evolving Digital Landscape Let me know if you'll be there. More details below: On September 30th, 2014 at the Pier V... Continue reading
It's been a big month of storytelling about the end of storytelling. I previously shared my presentation about the end of storytelling (complete with dozens of illustrations), and a related version then ran in Ad Age. The Ad Age story's a bit different, with a focus on how Coca-Cola's Share a Coke campaign with the cans with names on them exemplifies what marketing should be like in the post-storytelling era. Let me know what you... Continue reading
At HubSpot's Inbound 2014 conference this week, I had the honor of giving one of their Bold Talks, which meant 12 minutes to talk about anything I wanted, as long as it wasn't a typical presentation about my day job. I used the time to pick apart a word I find so overused: "storytelling." You can see the presentation below in its entirety (complete with dozens of illustrations), and I'll share more soon. I'd love... Continue reading
Event season is upon us! At least, it is for me. Let me know if we'll intersect at any of these events or in any of these cities: September 14-15: I'll be out in Montauk for an ad intelligence company's private summit. I don't know what can be disclosed, but there's probably only one happening there then. September 16: I'll be speaking that day at Inbound 2014 in Boston, bringing to life a story I've... Continue reading
Want to work for Mashable's Digital Innovator of the Year and MediaPost's Social Agency of the Year? Want to work at a place where Everyone Contributes? Want to work with me, if that's not too much of a drawback? Good, because MRY is hiring. To showcase a few of our hiring needs, I recenlty posted some Job Haiku, embedded here. Here you go. And if you are interested in joining MRY, reach me at david... Continue reading
Image via So, Twitter's talking about allowing people to buy stuff from tweets. Great news, right! Umm, maybe... I posted a column in Ad Age about this. The pre-edited version is below, so read the better version there, or my edition below. Stop Dreaming of a Stripe Christmas for Twitter Most marketers can park their sleighs on the sidelines, but five kinds of offers could work well Are you dreaming of a Stripe Christmas,... Continue reading
Thanks so much, Michael. While my client roster does not allow me to publicly advocate for Priceless partnerships, I do hope this inflection point for Foursquare leads to something constructive for them and their users. Putting Swarm's functionality back into the main app would be a good place to start.
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The story behind the story I'm a big fan of Foursquare. I am a Level I Superuser who has contributed 291 tips and 756 photos over the course of 6,169 check-ins that earned me 147 badges. I own and love its shirts, both the English and Japanese editions. I've clearly been a fan over the years. I guess I'm no longer their biggest fan. Well, I have had issues for quite awhile. Last November, after... Continue reading