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David Berkowitz
New York, NY
Chief Marketing Officer at agency MRY
Interests: marketing, technology, social media, mobile media, startups, emerging media, and anything decent served from a food truck
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Did South by Southwest (SXSW) even really happen? A week or two later, it all feels like some crazy dream. But it did happen. And I have slides to prove it, featuring a cast of thousands (or maybe dozens), including Peter Kim, Steve Hall, and other smart folks. I'm just your humble curator. SXSW 2014: Startups, Bow to Your Marketer Overlords from David Berkowitz In related news, I also just published a post on the... Continue reading
I was going to give this talk last month at an event from Digital Media Review, the folks behind Then it turned out that the day before I was going to give the talk, I became a father, so the talk wasn't happening. While becoming a father was great news for me, an added bonus for you, dear blog reader, is that I did actually prepare my talk in advance, so the slides are... Continue reading
As I catch up from SXSW, I'm a bit behind in sharing my thoughts here, but plenty more are coming. I did get a column out in Ad Age before the show wrapped - not the easiest feat, but a good excuse to squirrel away in my hotel room for a bit and recover. The final version with a much better headline is at Ad Age, so you may just want to head there, but... Continue reading
A lot of folks today are getting spammed by the app Nomad. Below's my exchange with the CEO, in case it's helpful. No, I'm not linking to the app to give it any remote SEO benefit. If you see someone share Nomad though, don't download it. Spamming contacts John Trabelsi <john@...> Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 11:57 PM To: David Berkowitz <dberkowitz@...> Very fair David. And very sorry... — Sent from Mailbox for iPhone On... Continue reading
I previously posted about where I'll be speaking at SXSW 2014, but here's a more complete list if you want to see if we're likely in any of the same places. Some highlights are below, though this isn't a complete list. I took off a number of things I'm not sure I'll get to, and scrubbed out private meetings or client functions, so if it looks like there are gaping holes in the schedule, there... Continue reading
Do you like cooking? Do you wonder what Ben Huh, Dennis Crowley, Craig Newmark, and Dan Ariely would cook for you if they came to your home to prepare a 100-course meal? Well, wonder no more, thanks to the official SXSW Cookbook! I'm a contributor to this one, included in the mix of past South of Southwest speakers who shared recipes, and I took a more personal rather than practical approach. Instead of sharing something... Continue reading
My colleague Ian Chee, MRY's Chief Strategy Officer, now has a blog. He says I inspired him to do it. Ten years after I started blogging, others are still coming on board. Welcome to the blogosphere, Ian! Did I mention he's really smart? See his piece on the Instagram Rule of 11 as Exhibit A. Expect far more exhibits there coming up. Continue reading
What are you up to at South by Southwest? If you'll be there, perhaps we'll meet up. It is VERY tough for me to schedule 1:1 meetings at this point, but if we're in the same place, I'd love to see you out there. The best way to find me is probably Foursquare - follow me at . Most of the events I'll be at aren't entirely public, and I haven't totally sorted out... Continue reading
Thanks for the note, Rick, and the congrats. Yes, I'm not sure Facebook wants to be a phone company per se, but they do seem to want to be hands down the biggest communications company, and that means mobile voice, text, and multimedia.
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Thanks to some exciting recent personal news, I've been a bit behind with posting a few things here, but after Facebook announced its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, I was able to bang out a few words for Ad Age on what this means. Here's my original versio of the column below (meaning: the version on Ad Age probably reads a bit better). Five Rules for a Post-Facebook World What would the world be like... Continue reading
Will you be participating in Social Media Week 2014? I'll be at Social Media Week NYC, Here's where you can find me, and a couple MRY friends: --- WOMMA Wine Wednesday: The Word of Mouth Marketing Association is the official trade association dedicated to word of mouth and social media marketing. WOMMA Wine Wednesday events are hosted across the country, and for Social Media Week, New York, they are hosting it with MRY. Note: this... Continue reading
Remember the Consumer Electronics Show? It always feels like a blur while you're there, and then after. Now, just a bit later, I've had enough of a chance to step back and try to figure out what mattered, especially for brands, but also for technologists and consumers. You'll find a lot in here, including the 12 Principles of CES. Enjoy perusing it, and let me know your thoughts, especially if you were there or were... Continue reading
I'm back from the Consumer Electronics Show, trying to process a work week's worth of meetings, demos, and conversations - so much that it felt like it filled at least a month. I did get some highlights shared already on Pinterest, with the help of some colleagues and friends. Far more is coming. While there, I banged out a post for Ad Age on why there wasn't a single conversation piece, a water cooler moment... Continue reading
Oh, just a typical line from CES, via my Flickr set from CES 2013 Are you going to the Consumer Electronics Show this year? I'll be back for my eighth straight year. Below are some highlights I can talk about, as I'm out Monday to Friday with a pretty full schedule. If you're there, we might be able to find each other through Twitter, Instagram, or Foursquare (all username dberkowitz), and you can always email... Continue reading
As you might guess if you've been reading this blog for a bit, this isn't my first week as a chief marketing officer. Yet the start of the new year feels like a fine time to return to some unfinished business. Last summer, a week into starting my new job as CMO of agency MRY, I penned a byline about lessons from a first-time CMO based on a single week's experience. Amidst other columns I... Continue reading
Below is my latest column that ran in Advertising Age's special 2013 opinion issue, with my own research on mentions of "startups" in Ad Age listed above. I've also been having a fun exchange about this with Kite's Tarah Feinberg, some of which you can catch on Google+ (yes, really, G+ still exists). Tarah noted, "We don't believe that 'brand and agency love for startups is going to fizzle'; we believe they're going to start... Continue reading
Yesterday, I posted the video of my Binghamton University Commencement address. Are you more a reader than a watcher? If so, I've posted the text of the address in its entirety on SlideShare, which also includes the embedded video (open it in two windows and it's like I'm reading it with you!). Binghamton commencement address david berkowitz from David Berkowitz Continue reading
The answer? Find out in my keynote speech delivered at Binghamton University's Fall Commencement this past weekend. It was a tremendous honor to get to speak to the 700 graduates and thousands of guests at this esteemed ceremony, something that never felt quite entirely real. Thanks again to the university for having me. I look forward to what's ahead for this 67-year-old startup. Continue reading
I've got some personal news to share that I'm particularly excited about: at my alma mater Binghamton University's Fall Commencement, I'll be returning this weekend to give a talk in front of about 2,500 expected attendees. I wasn't sure how I was put on the short list and then selected, but Binghamton's press office put out a pretty kind announcement: Berkowitz, chief marketing officer at digital marketing agency MRY, founded the Hinman Alumni Network, has... Continue reading
Manifesto for the Visual Revolution from David Berkowitz Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting at Chute's inaugural Visual Revolution Summit, a day spent looking at the massive changes in how visual content is taking over media. Every good revolution needs a manifesto. To that end, I decided to write it. You can view it all above. Just please, do not listen to it. The Visual Revolution must be seen and not heard. Continue reading
A version of this was originally published on MRY's Tumblr #adthink panel including @dberkowitz — Beena Kalaiya (@BKalaiya) November 13, 2013 I had the honor and pleasure last week of joining the AdThink III event by Redbooks and the Advertising Club of New York, showcasing presentations from startups GoChime, Citia, URX, Adventr, and Shareablee, all of which offered ways to address real challenges that marketers face. I was so impressed judging the startup pitches... Continue reading
A Snapchat image sent by a certain relative of mine who will remain anonymous (and yes, it's bad form that I saved it) Ad Age readers may have caught a double dose of contributions from me last week about Snapchat, one of the most electrifying companies to come along in quite some time. As noted on my blog last week, Snapchat has as many photos shared daily as Facebook does (350 million) - albeit from... Continue reading
You may be surprised by the answer (below). It's just one of hundreds of fascinating facts Benedict Evans put together in this stellar presentation the global mobile market. 2013 11 mobile eating the world from Benedict Evans Hat tip: David Levy Continue reading
Have you tried the app Refresh? It's iOS only right now, though Android is coming. It is now one of the apps I use most, right up there with Foursquare and TripIt, and more than some like Instagram. The gist is that you sync up a bunch of accounts (Facebook, Foursquare, Gmail, Meetup, Evernote, AngelList, etc) and your calendar, and then whenever you're meeting someone, you can find out a ton of interesting intel about... Continue reading
When writing in Ad Age recently about how a 10-year-old girl (namely my niece) uses social media, I saw a few people musing on how their own children, nephews, nieces, cousins, and others use it. One of those people is an old friend of mine, Bill Hartnett, aka junglerock (see his handle below), who I've had the pleasure of working with, as he was a client at my previous agency, and we got to collaborate... Continue reading