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David Berkowitz
New York, NY
Chief Marketing Officer at agency MRY
Interests: marketing, technology, social media, mobile media, startups, emerging media, and anything decent served from a food truck
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Thanks so much, Michael. While my client roster does not allow me to publicly advocate for Priceless partnerships, I do hope this inflection point for Foursquare leads to something constructive for them and their users. Putting Swarm's functionality back into the main app would be a good place to start.
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The story behind the story I'm a big fan of Foursquare. I am a Level I Superuser who has contributed 291 tips and 756 photos over the course of 6,169 check-ins that earned me 147 badges. I own and love its shirts, both the English and Japanese editions. I've clearly been a fan over the years. I guess I'm no longer their biggest fan. Well, I have had issues for quite awhile. Last November, after... Continue reading
Thanks for reading this blog. I know what you read. This. You have great taste. Thanks. Again. But what do I, the blogger, read? That's something you've probably always wanted to know but were too shy to ask. Fortunately, Laura Fitton (@pistachio), is not all that shy. She even invited me to speak at Hubspot's Inbound conference in Boston this September. And along the way, she asked me about my reading habits. The tell-all is... Continue reading
Know some recent grads who want some career advice? Heidi Cohen pursued a massive undertaking and reached out to a bunch of the smartest people I know or follow, plus many others new to me, and was kind enough to include me in such company. Read the full post here, and view her slideware version below. Best Marketing Advice - 100 Global Experts Share Their Career Wisdom from Heidi Cohen While I'll let you go... Continue reading
A partial Cannes stereotype: on a yacht catching up with a glamorous friend (Caroline McCarthy), though no rosé in sight (image courtesy of Mail Online). This article was originally published in Ad Age; the pre-edited version is below. Go to Ad Age for more polish. I knew that when heading out to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for the first time this year, I had to wade into a new overstimulating, overtiring experience... Continue reading
I know the internet hasn't had much content on it lately, and you're looking for more to read. My apologies for making you wait so many weeks between posts, though perhaps you have discovered another media outlet or two with all your free time. Between going to Cannes, the 4th of July, and my first extended family vacation with my infant daughter, I've had a few distractions, but I'm getting some posts going here soon... Continue reading
If you're heading out to Cannes next week for the Lions, I'll be there this time around. Come and join my panel: Leveraging the Power of Celebrity to Reach the "Skip Generation" and Leap over the Competition. Fellow speakers include: - Ken Hertz of Hertz Lichtenstein & Young, and memBrain - Jez Frampton of Interbrand - Dominic Sandifer of Greenlight Media & Marketing --- I arrive Saturday and return Thursday. Let me know if you're... Continue reading
When I joined MRY last year, one of the selling points of the CMO role was that Matt Britton said I'd be a mentor here to hundreds of potential thought leaders. Around the time I joined, MRY was planning to start its blog, and there was the idea that everyone should ultimately contribute to it. I liked it in theory, but I know blogging's not for everyone. Heck, I can still improve at it quite... Continue reading
Are you a Veep fan? If not, you should be, as this is the show that will teach you everything you need to know about the next trillion-dollar idea in marketing and technology. Or something like that. The polished, edited version is in Ad Age. My draft is below for your reading pleasure. Why Garyoke is Marketing's Holy Grail If you’re an HBO subscriber or pirate, then you may enjoy watching one show because of... Continue reading
Here's another byline that I've been delayed in posting. Like other bylines, I've included my original version below; the edition in Ad Age undoubtedly reads better, so you may want to skip ahead to that one instead. FuelBand Won the Sprint, But Here’s How to Win the Wearable Marathon By David Berkowitz April 18 wasn’t just Good Friday this year. For many people working on the brand side, it will go down as one of... Continue reading
I've been slow to post a few of my own bylines here, in part due to the reason referenced below -- the newest addition to my family. As I take a bit of time for paternity leave, I'll also be catching up and sharing some things I've meant to post. This post was originally published in Ad Age in April, and undoubtedly reads better there thnks to their editing. My slightly rougher version is below.... Continue reading
One of my favorite things I've been a part of at MRY - or anywhere else - is the Vineathon series, an event where people come together to create content for no reason other than to learn by doing. You can also meet top and avant garde Viners, and get some creative inspiration. Vineathon IV is coming. See details below on how to RSVP. And catch more info on MRY's blog. Note: this is an... Continue reading
Note: MRY, my employer, is an official media sponsor of the Westchester Digital Summit, and is supporting the sponsorship as well. You're welcome to read my Media Sponsorship Policy to learn more about what that means. Next month, I have a homecoming of sorts. For the first time, I'm speaking at a public event in my home county of Westchester. Yes, after about 250 speaking gigs, I'm finally coming home, thanks to the Westchester... Continue reading
Did South by Southwest (SXSW) even really happen? A week or two later, it all feels like some crazy dream. But it did happen. And I have slides to prove it, featuring a cast of thousands (or maybe dozens), including Peter Kim, Steve Hall, and other smart folks. I'm just your humble curator. SXSW 2014: Startups, Bow to Your Marketer Overlords from David Berkowitz In related news, I also just published a post on the... Continue reading
I was going to give this talk last month at an event from Digital Media Review, the folks behind Then it turned out that the day before I was going to give the talk, I became a father, so the talk wasn't happening. While becoming a father was great news for me, an added bonus for you, dear blog reader, is that I did actually prepare my talk in advance, so the slides are... Continue reading
As I catch up from SXSW, I'm a bit behind in sharing my thoughts here, but plenty more are coming. I did get a column out in Ad Age before the show wrapped - not the easiest feat, but a good excuse to squirrel away in my hotel room for a bit and recover. The final version with a much better headline is at Ad Age, so you may just want to head there, but... Continue reading
A lot of folks today are getting spammed by the app Nomad. Below's my exchange with the CEO, in case it's helpful. No, I'm not linking to the app to give it any remote SEO benefit. If you see someone share Nomad though, don't download it. Spamming contacts John Trabelsi <john@...> Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 11:57 PM To: David Berkowitz <dberkowitz@...> Very fair David. And very sorry... — Sent from Mailbox for iPhone On... Continue reading
I previously posted about where I'll be speaking at SXSW 2014, but here's a more complete list if you want to see if we're likely in any of the same places. Some highlights are below, though this isn't a complete list. I took off a number of things I'm not sure I'll get to, and scrubbed out private meetings or client functions, so if it looks like there are gaping holes in the schedule, there... Continue reading
Do you like cooking? Do you wonder what Ben Huh, Dennis Crowley, Craig Newmark, and Dan Ariely would cook for you if they came to your home to prepare a 100-course meal? Well, wonder no more, thanks to the official SXSW Cookbook! I'm a contributor to this one, included in the mix of past South of Southwest speakers who shared recipes, and I took a more personal rather than practical approach. Instead of sharing something... Continue reading
My colleague Ian Chee, MRY's Chief Strategy Officer, now has a blog. He says I inspired him to do it. Ten years after I started blogging, others are still coming on board. Welcome to the blogosphere, Ian! Did I mention he's really smart? See his piece on the Instagram Rule of 11 as Exhibit A. Expect far more exhibits there coming up. Continue reading
What are you up to at South by Southwest? If you'll be there, perhaps we'll meet up. It is VERY tough for me to schedule 1:1 meetings at this point, but if we're in the same place, I'd love to see you out there. The best way to find me is probably Foursquare - follow me at . Most of the events I'll be at aren't entirely public, and I haven't totally sorted out... Continue reading
Thanks for the note, Rick, and the congrats. Yes, I'm not sure Facebook wants to be a phone company per se, but they do seem to want to be hands down the biggest communications company, and that means mobile voice, text, and multimedia.
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Thanks to some exciting recent personal news, I've been a bit behind with posting a few things here, but after Facebook announced its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, I was able to bang out a few words for Ad Age on what this means. Here's my original versio of the column below (meaning: the version on Ad Age probably reads a bit better). Five Rules for a Post-Facebook World What would the world be like... Continue reading
Will you be participating in Social Media Week 2014? I'll be at Social Media Week NYC, Here's where you can find me, and a couple MRY friends: --- WOMMA Wine Wednesday: The Word of Mouth Marketing Association is the official trade association dedicated to word of mouth and social media marketing. WOMMA Wine Wednesday events are hosted across the country, and for Social Media Week, New York, they are hosting it with MRY. Note: this... Continue reading
Remember the Consumer Electronics Show? It always feels like a blur while you're there, and then after. Now, just a bit later, I've had enough of a chance to step back and try to figure out what mattered, especially for brands, but also for technologists and consumers. You'll find a lot in here, including the 12 Principles of CES. Enjoy perusing it, and let me know your thoughts, especially if you were there or were... Continue reading