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I personally hold to the same view of biblical inerrancy as espoused in the Chicago Statement on Inerrancy; so, I would be interested to see what the other scholars say.
Knowing Greek has helped me mostly in that it gives me a better understanding of the text. Many times, it gives clarity where it might be lacking in English.
My family is pretty poor; so, we don't really have a lot of traditions that would confuse outsiders. The exception would be driving out into the country and cutting down a scrub cedar for a Christmas tree.
comforting seasonal beverage.
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I have always thought that it was a pseudonym for some new believer.
As prosaic as it may be, the first Greek word that I can remember learning was logos. The only reason I remember it was because on the first day of beginning Greek, I used it with my teacher, pronouncing the omicrons with a long "o." My professor promptly corrected me and I felt like an idiot.
Proverbs are not always true, they are statements that are generally true.
Intellectually, I believe that they are one story, though contained in two books. However, in practice, I don't always remember to treat them as such.
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I have taken a year of Hebrew in the past, but have forgotten most of it. However, as with Greek, knowing Hebrew would put you one step closer to what the Bible actually says. When working from a translation, you are having to working with someone else's interpretation of what the Bible says. Knowing the original languages takes out the middle man, allowing you to see what God spoke through His chosen human authors.
My knowledge of Greek has helped my understanding of the New Testament immensely. Working from the original text, rather than a translation, feels like I am more in touch with the authors, both human and divine.
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Irish Gaelic
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Lord's Supper.
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I have never used it, but it was highly recommended by my New Testament professor.
I have considered moving to a different tradition. I was saved as a Baptist but have developed reformed beliefs through the study of Scripture. However, I just have not been able to make the hurdle from credobaptism to paedobaptism.
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God's holiness and my sinfulness.
John MacArthur, R. C. Sproul, and John Piper.