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David Doran
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I can confirm your experiences; I built a PC for my mother and couldn't understand what was wrong when it wouldn't start. Windows wouldn't boot, and neither would any of the safe modes. Pure dead. I was stumped because I thought "It's only been in here less than a year," it can't be the SSD. The worst part, as you mentioned, is that it was a total catastrophic failure like I've never seen with HDDs. I managed to recover the data using boot tools, but couldn't write to the drive, perform certain diagnostics, format or erase partitions. It was disastrous. OCZ replaced it without hesitation (Vertex 40GB), but it taught me a lesson about the _real_ reliability of SSDs. Naturally, I have still used SSDs in my last two laptops! PS: The OWC 6gb/s SSDs are supposed to be the fastest, most reliable SSDs around I've heard.
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May 2, 2011