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David Doremus
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Go Newt! Anything done to Mitt will be but a minor foreshadow of the pummeling awaiting him at the hands of Obama. We can't win the presidential election, with “Obama Lite.” Romney will be a repeat of the ‘98 train wreck, just instead of McCain vs Obama, this time it will be McPain vs. Obama. McPain’s only vision is to notch another credential on his Mormon Resume. Even if, by miracle, he wins, America will be little better off, more business as usual. Yada Yada Yada. This may be our last and BEST chance to change the destiny of America. We need a bold visionary with sweeping changes (remember 1994 Republican revolution) by a man that knows history and economics and can rally the pride and industry of our country. Newt will get us energy independent, rebuild our infrastructure, bring manufacturing and industry back to America, wage an effective war on terror without losing sight that China and India are our real competitors. Anyone but Mitt. Well anybody but Ron Paul.
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Jan 13, 2012