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I thought I had replied here but it seems to have not popped up. One basic response to your comment would of course be the theological privileging of the church in that it is the site of the sacraments and therefore the means and space and presence of God. This could be challenged from a Yoderian perspective as his view of the 'practices' are much more secular or at least translatable . . . which I suspect may be where Dula is coming from. I don't have a clear position of my own yet . . . but thanks for putting a sharper point on that observation.
(x-posted at the de-scribe) In Part I I addressed some of the shortfalls of the overall project while affirming what was perhaps the inevitable 'shortfall' of the two dialogue camps. Putting aside any larger intentions of this collection the chapters... Continue reading
(x-posted at the de-scribe) Jaime's previously posted blurb gave me a shot in the arm to offer my first post here at church & pomo. The Gift of Difference is perhaps best understood in its ambiguous subtitle, “Radical Orthodoxy, Radical... Continue reading
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Aug 1, 2010