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There is a fine line between rigidly enforcing your standard and becoming a tyrant. If Apple continues to be too Draconian in its policies they will simply drive developers away from their platform. Why bother jumping through all of their hoops like licensing the Dev kit,learning Objective C, provisioning an app, blah blah blah when ... You could simply create a Mobile version of your Web App using a bolt-on library like iWebKit?
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2011 on Serving at the Pleasure of the King at Coding Horror
Michael Ignatieff spent his first year as opposition leader trying to generate a scandal of the week and look where that strategy got him. Now the left leaning liberal media are attempting the same thing. I find it funny that the Adscam Liberals are the ones complaining about letter head, and signatures, and other non events when they stole MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND GAVE IT BACK TO THEIR OWN PARTY. Let the Liberals take this issue to the voters and lets resolve it for once and for all.
Why do developers need some sort of access to production machines? I've worked in environments where they don't and it was a miserable experience. When the developer has no access to production they have to forward all of their requests to sysadmins or DBAs. Trying to debug programs becomes almost impossible if you have to forward a request for a DBA to read a permission, set a permission, change a procedure, etc. The developer inevitably ends up waiting for the sysadmin to complete the task before moving forward. The sysadmin gets upset with the developer for wasting his time. I would end up waiting for days, or even weeks for the request to come back as the DBAs had work of their own to do as well. Then after thinking it couldn't possibly get any worse it did. A new IT manager was hired who decided all requests had to be formally requested as a "change request" and be entered and tracked in a database. Don't want to give programmers access to the prodcution system then fine, debug it yourself :-)
For those questioning dual monitors its awesome for developers. Main monitor is used for the code editor/Development environment, and the second monitor lets me bring up API documentation which i can read at the same time as viewing my code. There is a disconnect when you have to switch windows back and forth. You can also run the program on the second screen allowing you to look at the code while the program is running, and of course, use the debugger on the main screen. As a teacher I have to write alot of documentation and having my editor open at the same time has also improved my productivity. I haven't seen as much value with a 3rd screen yet and probably never will as my desks are not large enough to hold that many.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2010 on Three Monitors For Every User at Coding Horror
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Apr 5, 2010