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a place to call home
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Posted Mar 7, 2010 at a place to call home's blog
I ought also to say that our original plan has changed slightly. We still hope to have more children to care for, either through fostering or adoption, but we also want to reach out to other adoptive & fostering families by offering holiday breaks. Hence the need for out-buildings to convert and play barn etc. We aim to produce a generic 'social story' ( with help from our eldest daughter, who is great at these things ) so that parents and carers can prepare their children for being somewhere different, and lots of space to play/relax in the countryside. So... Continue reading
Posted Mar 7, 2010 at a place to call home's blog
ok, so we now have a name 'Hope house' ......or maybe 'Hope cottage' depending on where we end up!And I believe we have something of a mandate or vision statement for 1 Thessalonians,.... 'gently encourage the stragglers, and reach out for the exhausted, pulling them to their feet. Be patient with each person, attentive to individual needs'.(the message) We may even have found the venue. All we need now is the finance! Going to the bank tomorrow. Praying for a miracle. Reminding ourselves, nothing is impossible for God!! Continue reading
Posted Mar 7, 2010 at a place to call home's blog
Latest developments...we have another offer on our house. Still quite low. Do we go, or do we wait a bit longer for a better offer? At the weekend we saw the perfect location for our plans! There are several outbuildings to convert, plenty of land for playing, keeping animals, and did I mention even a hay barn/play barn and an old workshop for messy crafts!! Only 2 problems I can see. Firstly the price tag! Not just a bit out of our price range but unbelievably out of our price range! Any millionaires out there wanting to help?!! Actually I... Continue reading
Posted Feb 22, 2010 at a place to call home's blog
In recent months I have spent more time than I care to admitt on Rightmove etc., searching for our ideal home, or plot of land to build our own. Last Friday we finally got to look at some! Bit disappointing really that neither properties were any good, but we keep reminding ourselves that God's timing is perfect & often different from ours! We are also sensing that there may still be a piece of the 'puzzle' we are waiting to see what that might be! In the meantime I am very tired of tidying this house for people to... Continue reading
Posted Jan 21, 2010 at a place to call home's blog
It's funny isn't it how you make these decisions but have no idea where it's all leading?! The day we put our house on the market we attended a day conference at our Church. There were so many words of prophecy that day, both generally and specifically for us, about the new things the Lord was beginning. We were so excited,especially because we had told no one of our plan! But the next day everything seemed to fall apart!We had to withdraw from our fostering assessment because of new requirements we felt we couldn't agree to, and one of our... Continue reading
Posted Jan 12, 2010 at a place to call home's blog
I have carried this dream for so many's a dream of a house in the countryside with many children. I have learnt that this is not just my dream, but God-given, in line with who He has made me. I love children & I love the countryside & I am so sad when I see children ill-treated and damaged because they have not been given the love they deserve. Anyway, last year, a few unexpected deaths and a number of health issues made me realise that none of us knows how long we have on this earth to make... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2010 at a place to call home's blog
Actually it's more of a continuation of something old, but that's ok because God said he would complete the good things he started. And he sure started a good thing with my parents. I love them. I'm proud of them and from here my mum will take over and tell their story. I was just the technical support in setting this up for them. Enjoy :) Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2010 at a place to call home's blog
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