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David Grossman
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==Thank you for a terrific article. I'm going to bookmark it for future impending arguments online. Your 'old friend' seems to be familiar with the so-called National Organization for Marriage's anti-gay catch-phrases: "redefinition of marriage", "bigotry", "evil", "propaganda", "black civil rights". I find it funny that the people that are advocating for the oppression of gay Americans are somehow the victims. Here's a wacky idea: treat gay Americans as equal citizens in our country then you won't be labeled a bigot. Simply, huh? As for the redefinition of marriage. Marriage is only being "redefined" for gay citizens, as in: they couldn't marry before, but now they can. Straight men will still marry straight women if gay citizens can marry each other. One group has nothing to do with the other. I'm not sure how you can claim that heterosexual marriage is being redefined when it literally won't be changing at all. Refer to the six states that have marriage equality for proof of that statement. Straight couples haven't suddenly stopped get married in Massachusetts because a gay couple that they don't even know is getting married somewhere in their state. It's an absolutely ludicrous argument when the smallest amount of common sense is applied to it.
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Apr 17, 2012