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Interests: Live and breathe for the Boston Red Sox.
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An article about FAS in the View Newspaper, published on November 20, featured a photo of Favil in the former FAS storage area with this caption: "The Foundation Assisting Seniors co-founder Favil West, 80, shows the warehouse that stores medical equipment, which is available for use by any senior across the Las Vegas Valley." For use by any senior across the Las Vegas Valley ...maybe that's part of the problem, since SCA facilities are for the benefit of SCA residents. Regardless of the number of non-SCA residents who are served by FAS, whose good work no one I know has challenged, the Foundation and the seniors it serves will be the beneficiaries in the long run if FAS is operating out of premises that are independent of any one community.
Though your observation certainly has merit, Mercedes, I see at least two problems with it: First, as many of my readers might tell you, failure to respond to lies and misinformation creates the impression that they are correct and valid. THIS blog deals in facts and thorough research, and this includes correcting misinformation that can be harmful in many ways. Second, I will not tolerate personal attacks on my integrity and credibility. So if Ms. Tobin wants to focus on me instead of issues of concern to the community, I will take her on. She has a victim complex that involves lashing out personally against people she disagrees with, and since I operate the only blog openly committed to supporting the Board and management, apparently that's one too many blogs for her. "Corruption" is a legal term, and if she wants to allege that our leaders are part of a corrupt regime, she had better be ready to prove it, because the days of taking that stuff lying down are coming to an end.
Here's where I think things stand at the moment, Carl. The removal election is over and our current Board is intact. They will move forward and take care of SCA business in the normal manner. Our budget ratification meeting will be on the 16th and our budget for 2018 will be set. Increased attention will be given to our restaurant situation. The legal matter involving FAS will be resolved in one way or another. Planning will begin for the next regular Board election. Complaints at NRED involving Nona Tobin and the removal election will be addressed. All of these will unfold in steady fashion, regardless of what any bloggers may say about them. In the meantime, the OSCAR leadership group will be discussing what we may want to do in order to stay engaged with the community and support our management and the Board.
Unfortunately, John, the Arendt blog is an industrial-strength lie machine. In this era of fake news, I guess folks can choose which communications channels they wish to rely on and assume are trustworthy. Meanwhile, my blog, which he claims is declining and failing, much like the "failing New York Times" is setting subscription records, will just continue to serve our readers with ACCURATE information that mostly has a Sun City Anthem focus.
Mr. Arendt continues to insist that his information is correct that Mr. Foger demanded that the paperwork be turned over to him. Mr. Arendt was not present at the meeting. I was. Since he was not there, I'd like to see him report who told him of Mr. Foger's non-existent demand, and exactly what it was that Mr. Foger is supposed to have said. Apparently the one thing that will not change in the wake of the failed removal election is the flow of lies from that blogger. If there is ever to be peace and reconciliation in this community, it appears he will not choose to be part of it. He is the epitome of the old saying that those who choose to forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. A track record of ZERO is not something one would ordinarily hang his hat on. Very soon we will learn how much he and his removal machine have cost us.
John, your comments are profound. And beyond the meaning of your words, they are representative of the thoughtful, intelligent dialog I am proud to foster and encourage on my blog. The biggest mistake anyone in SCA leadership could make when there is an issue resulting in "winners" and "losers" would be to proceed on the basis of rejecting the views of a minority as having no value, whether that minority is small in number or substantial. The more reasonable among the advocates for removal -and yes, many demonstrably reasonable members signed the petitions and surely cast removal votes- were concerned with issues that management and the Board may not have addressed in a manner that was sensitive to their concerns. All of us who love SCA and strive constantly to make our community better have a stake in this, and I believe there will be many current and future opportunities for doing so. But the personal insults and borderline slanderous attacks on our resident volunteers cannot be a part of this scenario. I believe, in my heart of heats, that residents on both sides of the fence, no matter what the issue, must repudiate that kind of immature, destructive behavior.
I hadn't noticed that, C. Smith, and you are right. The Ombudsman's name is Charvez Foger, not Chavez Foger. If Dick Arendt submitted any of the alleged 42 complaints, I wonder how Mr. Foger would have felt when he saw that at least one complainant couldn't spell his name correctly. No big deal in the long run, I guess.
Jack, is there some reason I owe YOU an explanation? Calling anyone a thief is not defamatory if it is true. End of story.
Bill Feeney: Regarding any embarrassment on the part of that blogger, don't get your hopes up. He's already preparing his small but merry band of followers for the probable removal-election outcome -a victory for the opponents- by implying that 800-plus signatures on a petition constitute some sort of majority. S: Don't get YOUR hopes up. He will not slink back anywhere. Carl: Future Board elections may be colored by knowledge of which candidates supported the Board and management during this wasteful removal election and those who attacked the Board and management. I was struck by the broad spectrum of support at the wonderful FAS Basket Raffle at Green Valley Ranch today (Sunday). Nona Tobin was there, as well as Rana Goodman, both of whom won some baskets. Although Mr. Arendt has spoken forcefully in condemnation of the court ruling against FAS, it appears that the self-proclaimed multimillionaire contributed nothing in the way of financial support or attendance at the event. And as I've stated previously, he's also a thief. By the way, I spoke with three attendees at today's Basket Raffle who said they had signed the petitions without fully understanding the issues but then voted against removal of the directors.
Rana definitely has a valid point, and it's too bad that despite the decision to keep the Association completely out of the process, at least some guidance couldn't have been given. Two things that would have substantially alleviated the problem would have been (1) an indication of the subject matter on the outer envelope and (2) a pre-printed outer return envelope with the members' names and addresses. I'm hoping for these things to happen: --An overwhelming majority vote against removal of any of the directors. --A vote total consistent with or greater than our historical vote totals. Though there are still guaranteed to be gripes after it's all over, the combination of those two things could cause the gripes to be little more than academic.
The person who made that comment will surely see your response, Lynda, because she is a regular reader of my blog. Meanwhile, I hope all who support FAS will turn out to support the Basket Raffle at Green Valley Ranch on Sunday, which is going to be a wonderful event.
Lynda, I don't want to sound patronizing, especially since I know and understand that you are emotionally invested in this issue. I don't think the proposal for use of the FAS storage space represents a political opinion about the FAS situation on the part of the two clubs. They -and any other interested parties- are entitled to make proposals based on contingencies. The interest of any groups in gaining use of the space is completely independent of the legal proceedings, which themselves are independent of the virtually universal agreement that the activities of FAS benefit seniors to a very great degree. I don't have permission to give the name of the resident who sent me the following message, but I think it is worth sharing here: "David, I was very conflicted in the beginning about the FAS situation because of all the good they do, but I don't think our common areas that belong to all SCA members should be used as a warehouse to benefit people who do not live here."
Rana, I'd be the first to acknowledge that the entire process could have been much better handled. Probably 90 percent of the objections would not have occurred if the ballot envelope had clearly stated the subject matter of the contents, despite the fact that I don't think it was a deliberate attempt to mislead. The design of the envelope for our mailer was something the OSCAR leaders spent a lot of time debating, because we wanted to make sure the recipients would be motivated to open our envelope and read the contents. It is unfortunate that the bill of particulars some folks have against the GM, her staff, the Board and the Election Committee powered the decision to keep hands off the removal-election process; the simple fact is that there really was no one in authority in SCA to manage an internally run election in view of the relentless attacks against them. I also think a weakness in the statutory system is the absence of NRS 116 guidance on how to run a removal election, other than giving the calendar requirements. I trust that knowledgeable people among our members, including yourself, understand that all the phone calls and emails in the world to NRED/Ombudsman are unlikely to trigger an official investigation. You know, as I do, that there is a formal procedure to be followed, and these types of communications don't qualify. Outcomes often help determination the seriousness of how things are examined and investigated after the fact. I am confident that the ballots will be counted based on more than 2,501 ballots being submitted, since we have worked hard to encourage voting by the opposition supporters. If the results are close, it might lend credibility to the need for some sort of examination. If the results favor removal of the targeted directors, the removal advocates may still be unhappy about the process, but they will probably calm down somewhat. If the results favor the opposition by a wide margin, objections may be academic due to the fact that the result wouldn't change even in a best-case scenario. And it will also be interesting to see if the percentage of ballots cast approximates our historical percentages for Board elections. If the total is 3,500 to 4,000 of those eligible, let's say, that would not differ much from our usual voting totals. Finally, Rana, I want to especially note that this type of exchange of views is something that is simply not tolerated on Dick Arendt's blog. By the way, I don't know if you are aware that Attorney Clarkson is the incoming president of the Community Associations Institute.
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The cost for the OSCAR mailing was about $4,700 complete. Those envelopes were lighter than the removal-ballot envelopes. According to the ballot envelope we received, the cost for each of the removal mailings was 67 cents, which does not include the cost of the printed materials contained inside. It wasn't just the issue of the Election Committee involvement that led to the decision to farm out the entire process. A majority of the Board was under attack, as was the General Manager and her team. I'm not surprised at your vote, Jack, as that is what I expected. You certainly have the right to vote as you please.
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It is also important to note that the Basket Raffle ticket sellers did not have a separate, free-standing table. One of our clubs with a table was kind enough to provide a little space. I spent time visiting at the table and observing the process, as well as buying our own tickets, and it seemed to go very well.
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Maybe next time, Carl, they WILL put up some candidates. If the result of the removal election favors the opponents, validating our support of management and the Board, I can assure you we will be ready. I really don't think they care about the money this is costing. As a few petition signers I respect and would otherwise have nothing to do with the likes of Dick Arendt have told me, they just want to "send a message." I'm not sure what the message is, but it sure is an expensive one. After this fiasco is over, I hope we can bring some of these good folks back into the fold.
I don't think we should expect a cost breakdown while the removal election is still in progress. But I also think it would be warranted after it is all over and the total costs are known. Other than the cost of printing the ballot package and postage for the mailing, my guess would be that most of the cost will be labor billed at an hourly rate. Due to the accusations some of the most aggressive removal advocate made against management, the Board and the Election Committee, I don't see any way this could have been handled in-house without all sorts of complaints being raised.
In addition to what John gave for a reply, I will add that I have no knowledge of what the Solera recall cost, nor do I think any Solera cost figures were published on this blog.
In addition to his being a thief, there are several things to note about him: He doesn't know the definition of bullying. It is not bullying when one responds on his own blog to what another person wrote somewhere else. He completely lacks a sense of humor, as do his supporters. He writes at the level of a sixth-grader, and I'm giving him credit for a couple of extra grades. Rana Goodman and I have given publicity and financial support to the upcoming FAS Basket Raffle. Though claiming to support FAS, there is no evidence that he has done anything at all to support this wonderful event. Finally, the odds are better than 50-50 that he will respond to these comments before day is done. Despite his constant mantra that everyone on his side should ignore my blog and what I write, he monitors my blog seemingly on a minute-to-minute basis and often responds almost immediately after my articles and comments go up. I am his obsession, which in one way is not such a bad thing, as it helps to educate him about his community. Of course, there is always the chance that he'll be distracted as he watches for more comments from Robert South.
I hadn't noticed that, John. I post under my own name.
He and his contributors are pumping out so many lies and so much misinformation that it's almost impossible to keep up with it. I'd say his biggest lie is his oft-repeated pledge to ignore me and his urging that others do the same. He ignores me about as well as the President of the United States ignores his critics. I'm waiting to see what this great defender of FAS, the self-proclaimed multi-millionaire, is doing to support the upcoming basket raffle. Nothing on his blog so far, and no evidence that he has contributed toward it in any way. Did you know that, according to him, 12 percent of our members have expressed dissatisfaction with several Board members and the General Manager? According to my recollection of my grade-school math, 12 percent is not exactly a majority. MINORITY RULES, a subject certainly to be discussed after the removal-election results are in and we learn how much he and his gang have cost our community.
Many of the accusations WILL fall by the wayside, John, because they are ambiguous and highly generalized.
I remember that question being asked before, and the answer I give now is, I think, very similar to how I answered it previously. I don't think PRINTING names on a document of that sort is any different than if it were signed with a written signature. In effect, the signatories are taking ownership of the document and saying it is their product. By creating the document electronically and adding the names electronically, it allowed for convenient transmittal of the document in electronic form to the printer. If it had been signed by hand by each of the signatories, it would have had to have been scanned and then the scan would have had to be converted to a pdf. So this saved us several steps. With regard to the materials I mentioned relative to the removal advocates, they had no names at all, printed, signed or otherwise.
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To Carl: Interesting comments. The only thing I'd correct in what you wrote is that Favil was not Board President during the first year after transition to member control. He actually became President after the 2006 election.
Thank you for your comments, Jack. I wish you many years of good health. As to your question of "why this thing got started," that is really a big mystery in view of the fact that we have Board elections every year in which our members can run the candidates of their choice and vote for the candidates of their choice. I'm not sure why you say my voice is the only one defending the Board's actions. We have an opposition leadership group consisting of seven former Board members and a volunteer team of several hundred members who are helping to spread the word. When you see articles on my blog about the removal election, they are sometimes created by me, but they are just as often the collective product of our opposition leaders, with my blog being the method of communicating our information. All of our articles about the removal election are contained on this blog under the Recall Election category. The categories are listed on the left side of the screen, and if you click on the Recall Election category you can read everything we've published on the subject, which will give you the complete history. Also, if you didn't receive the four-page mailer we sent out, let me know and I will send you a copy.