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I agree with Rana and Sad Sac. I have never advocated that people with contrary opinions, even overtly hostile opinions, should move out.
Deborah: Great minds think alike. If anyone thinks the SCA silent majority is going to roll over for malcontents with online communications channels, they may be in for a rude awakening. It IS time to say enough is enough, and that's what will be happening.
Points well taken, Dan, though it is clear we have some aspects we'll have to agree to disagree on. Near the top of my article, I listed some bullet points that I believe are valid. Up to now, I haven't seen anyone debunk even one of them through their posted comments, so perhaps you'd care to take a whack at any you might think are inaccurate or misleading. And as far as FAS goes, I trust you are fully aware of my continuing support, details of which I will not cite here so as not to be seen as tooting my horn or adding irrelevancy to the topic at hand.
The first thing I want to do is ask our contributors to cut down on personality-driven comments and please stick to the issues at hand. With regard to the nuances of who makes what in similar but different professions, some of the points being raised are beyond my ability to address, because I don't have access to the data that would allow me to effectively do so. My greater concern is the disconnect some seem to be exhibiting about the need for directors of any organization, including HOAs, for professional expertise to help them in making their decisions. It seems, by implication, that some may believe the respected executive search firm that conducted the search and advised the Board of the needed salary range, didn't know how to do its job. Former Board Treasurer Dan Forgeron contributed an extensive comment to this thread, and I urge you to read it. I would say to Dan that he served on the Board during a tumultuous period when there was great dissatisfaction with the performance of a series of SCA managers and with the management company. I would hope there is some appreciation of the progress we have made with the current management scheme, notwithstanding the fact that Dan's opinions may be colored by his role with the Foundation Assisting Seniors.
Well, what do YOU think the CEO of the $10-million corporation called SCA should be paid, and if you do have a figure in mind, what would make your knowledge of such things superior to the recommendation of the executive search firm that was given to the Board. Also, do you think the reality of having 10 lower-paid general managers or their equivalents during our first 11 years as a member-controlled community is something we should sluff off, or doesn't the saying that you get what you pay for have any merit? Finally, are there any of my bullet points in the article that you'd care to suggest are false?
You are missing the point. The point was not to rationalize, explain or justify the large network of well-paid city employees for a large city, as that is beyond my ability to analyze. Rather, the point is that BECAUSE there are all those people doing all those jobs and reporting to the city manager, the city manager doesn't need to be paid more than he is getting. As Jerry himself said, it IS apples and oranges, which is why the comparison Nona Tobin makes is not a valid comparison.
There are always different ways to interpret numbers, Jerry, and that is part of the reason I titled the article as I did. I think, however, that you are unintentionally making my point, which is that it is an unfair comparison to simply say that our GM makes more than the Henderson City Manager. My point is not so much that the various well-paid city employees are necessary, but that the city manager makes a comparatively modest salary precisely BECAUSE of that reason. I believe there is merit in comparing overall HOA salary structures, though in this case I think it would be unfair to compare our GM's salary to that of other HOA general managers unless we were comparing it to any who were hired to transition a HOA from a management company to self management. In conducting the search for SCA, both the Board and the executive search firm operated on the premise that a special set of skills was required for such an individual, which is why they said they could not find a suitable candidate within Nevada. I would certainly be interested in learning what the TOTAL salary and benefits costs are for comparable HOAs, but I don't know how difficult such information would be to obtain, including whether other HOAs would treat the information as proprietary. In addition, there are variables that would have to be considered. For example, while it might be useful to know how many rooftops a community has, that would not be as useful, in my opinion, as knowing the extent of the common properties, which in our case are quite extensive; I think the size of a community is less important than the scope of the common properties, because that is primarily where managers' responsibilities lie. You do raise an interesting question, though in the meantime we DO have the luxury of comparing our self-management overall costs to what they were prior to self management.
Board-candidate debates are held for the edification of SCA members who will be casting ballots for the candidates. But the selection process established by the Board to fill this vacancy, which Mr. Mayfield himself acknowledges is within the Board's authority and complies with NRS 116, is for the BOARD'S edification, because it is the Board members who will make the selection. If a Current Events forum were structured as a debate, who would the candidates be trying to convince? Their ONLY decision-making audience would be the Board, and it is the Board which has to decide on the candidate they could best work with. I believe there is another wrinkle to think about when it comes to the Current Events Club. I have long argued that legitimate current-events topics at club meetings ought to include member comments on the state of things in Sun City Anthem. But club leaders in general have frequently stated an aversion to going in that direction, other than hosting the annual candidates forum.
I'll tell you what I know about this, John, since I was in the loop on it. When Rex sent out his message, he told Rana Goodman that Arendt has his email blocked and he asked Rana if she would forward it to Arendt. Rana replied that she would be happy to do so. If Rana did not send Rex's message to Arendt, that is one thing, but if she did, then Arendt is flat-out lying.
Not really, Patrick. He's a modern-day George Warleggan.
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2018 on Your Holiday Laugh at David's Anthem Journal
Andrew: Based on a comment Arendt has posted, it looks like he has once again reached out to one of my readers in an attempt at harassment. He has done that on occasion, which helps to explain why some of my readers feel it necessary to use pseudonyms and make it difficult for third parties to reach them. If he called you as he stated, perhaps he left a message that we could publish as a mp3 file. I guess we have to continue to suffer the fact that acting as a child is not always something one eventually outgrows, even multi-millionaires.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2018 on Your Holiday Laugh at David's Anthem Journal
Thank you to the 41 readers who requested and received a copy of my Channel 13 rebuttal. I hope this will be circulated widely by you, and I trust that it will give you the factual information you need to respond to uninformed comments that may come your way.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2018 on Notice To Readers at David's Anthem Journal
Interesting, Andrew that your retired police friend lived in the same development as Arendt. I imagine he would have some stories to tell. - grin! What's sad about the current dynamic is that the Arendt crowd roots for failures and celebrates failures. The vast majority of them do not participate as community volunteers and don't seem to pay a lot of attention to developments related to our governance unless they get the distorted version coming from a person who doesn't attend meetings, doesn't seem to study our SCA documents, and refuses to engage with those he constantly attacks. In the case of Ms. Tobin in particular, should she run for the Board again it will be my public duty to explain to the community how, as soon as she joined the Board, she attempted to destroy SCA as we know it from within, both as a director and a liaison to the Election Committee.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2018 on Your Holiday Laugh at David's Anthem Journal
Grinchy, I know you haven't been around over all the years, but I can tell you unequivocally that it's just one of the lies -and he knows it- that Arendt has thrown out frequently as red meat to his gullible followers. I have addressed the accusation many times in the past, so now it just runs off me like water off a duck. Meanwhile, his hot-tempered readers are so informed about what's going on that one of them wants to get rid of the General Manager she thinks is named Sandy SHELDON.
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2018 on Notice To Readers at David's Anthem Journal
Sad Sac (whose name I know): While I agree with your thoughts, it's certainly more a matter of knowing who I'm dealing with when a contributor is adversarial in nature. I don't want to stifle dissenting opinions, but in this case I need to deal with the suggestion I've received from some folks that he is a known nasty individual hiding behind a fake name. In view of my pledge to keep his real name confidential, he should have nothing to be afraid of. But it is clear that he is afraid of SOMETHING. I can't countenance that on my blog because, unlike Arendt's blog where he controls whose comments are published, my blog is open for comments without my having to pre-approve them. About Nona Tobin. If she wants to get back on the Board, it's fantasy to think the Board would engineer it by fiat. If and when the day comes that she is eligible to run again and chooses to do so, then there will be a competition of ideas to see what the community thinks. And unless she has some sort of epiphany, I would oppose her as vigorously as possible.
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2018 on The Craziest Idea Yet at David's Anthem Journal
I have deleted a comment from the person using the name Tuzigoot that I found to be false and offensive. As the blog owner, I have an absolute right to know who my contributors are, especially when they are anonymous. If "Tuzigoot" wants to communicate with me privately to identify himself and have a personal dialog, he is invited to do so. Otherwise, I will delete all of his future comments, without notice to him, after reading them when they are posted.
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2018 on The Craziest Idea Yet at David's Anthem Journal
This is my understanding Andrew: If there were a lease in effect between a tenant and the Association, it is likely that either or both parties, that is landlord and tenant, would be potentially harmed by a call for a boycott. There might be a tendency for some to think that this is just me railing against Dick Arendt because he was writing about a boycott. giving either or both the right to pursue litigation. But it is not a matter of my personal feelings at all. It is simply what the law would seem to allow. One point that would have to be examined is whether resident approval would have to be obtained for a legal action of this nature or whether it would fall into the category of litigation that does not require a vote of the members. I think the whole thing is moot, of course, without an actual lease between SCA and any tenant.
John, I think it's a matter of relativity. We could start with the premise that SCA is an upscale active-adult community which may not be a suitable living choice for everyone. The relativity part enters into it when comparing our overall position to that of other active-adult communities which may or may not offer the collection of amenities and services that ours does. Relative to what we get out of living here, our annual dues are a significantly better bargain. We are well managed and are fiscally prudent in how homeowners' money is spent. One problem, which I think mirrors the level of discourse we are currently seeing at the national level, is that many if not most of SCA's harshest resident critics don't want to view their issues as being capable of discussion on an intellectual level. Using terminology which is crude and being set in their opinions, you can't even have an open dialog with them, because it quickly descends into personal attacks and vituperations. Take, for example, the debate over the GM's salary, which she earned not for coming into an existing position, but for virtually building a new organization from the ground up. Most reasonable people would understand that Board members are GENERALISTS who are expected to seek and rely on expert advice on subjects where professional expertise is required. This is what the Board relied upon when they hired a professional executive-search firm to advise on the salary level to obtain a person of our GM's caliber. But you never see the critics acknowledging that fact, nor will they acknowledge, even grudgingly, the across-the-board improvements our top managers have engineered to make SCA the enviable place in which to live. The restaurant issue is another one of these subjects. Those who begrudge the opportunity for a private company to make a profit, helped by the concessions we give them, see it in that light rather than considering the added benefits it would give to our own residents. It seems they don't want to understand that virtually all our amenities are already subsidized through our dues, whether we use them or not. And they would rather see our restaurant spaces stand empty for the next few years without accepting the reality that there will be costs to us even when it is empty and costs to us if the space is repurposed for some other use.
Barry, I am not registered for NextDoor because I find there is too much uninformed kvetching on that site. However or anyone else who IS on that site is welcome to copy my article and post it there. If anyone wishes, I'd be happy to send it to them as a Word document and then they can put it up.
There IS a management letter, Jeff, and it should be in the final Board Book when it becomes available next week. I'll watch for it and let you know. And if it is not included, I'll make the necessary inquiry.
I don't know if Arendt was ignored or rejected, but it is correct that he wasn't seeking to make a profit. Sandy was very new on the job, and a number of residents with passionate feelings about one subject or another sought and received personal meetings with her. I eventually learned, as Sandy got to know the players, so to speak, that Arendt had met with her for an hour and used a substantial part of that time to "educate" her about me. There has been an interesting response from some who viewed the Channel 13 story. I've been sent copies of numerous messages that our residents have sent to Darcy Spears and/or the station, explaining in detail who Mr. Arendt is and why Channel 13 was snookered on this one.
To Barbara: I'd like to answer your question about how I happened to receive Mr. Tutera's message when I did. It started with a phone call from Mr. Tutera, who has graciously spoken with me several times in the recent past so that I could obtain accurate information for my blog articles. He said he wanted me to know about G2G's decision before the rest of the community because he regards me as "a straight shooter who is the fairest blogger in the community." He said he had just sent Sandy Seddon his formal message notifying her that G2G was withdrawing. But I didn't know that I was copied on the message, along with three others, until I checked my email shortly after speaking with him. I trust this answers your question. If you have any others, feel free to let me know.
Thanks for the kind words. Board Treasurer Forrest Quinn deserves the lion's share of the credit. While it did take some time to assemble the information into what I hoped would make a good read, Forrest's superb collection of slides gave me the framework to simplify the process. Forrest has done an exceptional job as Treasurer. While I don't know at this juncture what the outcome of the restaurant situation will be, I was struck by his comment at the May Board meeting that even if the Association were to be successful in getting the homeowner votes necessary to repurpose the restaurant space for some other use, it would take about 10 years to recoup the costs of doing so.
Fran, I don't know why you received an error message, as your comments certainly show on the blog. I might respectfully suggest, however, that you consider posting comments in traditional upper and lower case, rather than all in CAPS. There is an informal rule of posting etiquette that considers use of all caps to be a form of shouting. Besides, if you post only in that manner, it will deprive you of using caps for emphasis when you want to make a point or call attention to something.
Wow, Andrew, that is very interesting. I learn new things from my readers all the time, and that is a good one. I looked it up and learned a little more, too. I would not like to have to start deleting tuzigoot's comments, as it is clear that he -it's rarely a woman- is intelligent and articulate. But as a blog owner, I have a right to know who my contributors are. Out of my nearly 1,600 subscribers, I could count on the fingers of two hands the number of readers who have chosen to block their names and email addresses. But few if any of them ever post comments. So I invite tuzigoot to write to me from a valid email address and provide me with his name, which I will be more than happy to keep confidential. Other than his tendency toward wearing folks down through redundant posts, I have no problem with his expression of his personal views, because all viewpoints are welcome here.