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Dory, I wish I could give you a good answer to your question. I think it is typical of the non-specific nature of many things Miss Tobin writes. For example, she has written that our volunteers, management and Board of Directors together are part of a "corrupt regime." But what exactly have they said or done that makes them corrupt? That's a very serious accusation, suggesting illegal behavior. As I understand it, Miss Tobin has a complaint about her removal pending before the Ombudsman's Office of the Nevada Real Estate Division. Until and unless that body issues a ruling, I don't believe it is the obligation of SCA to adjudicate the matter by allowing her on the ballot.
Michael, my guess would be that the other two candidates voluntarily dropped out between Friday and Monday. I assume it was probably voluntary, but I have no specific information, though I would say it is not uncommon for this to happen. Historically, some members file their papers in the hope that the election will not be highly contested, and then they drop out when they see how many people are in the race. As you can imagine, I know a lot of people in our community, and I've never heard of three of the candidates. They could be public-spirited residents or maybe just people aligned with the Arendt/Tobin crowd, but I have absolutely no information about them other than the fact that I don't recognize the names from committee or club work.
Rana: I should think you and I would need to see what's in the notice in order to form an opinion as to whether the 43 pages were necessary or whether the message could have been conveyed more succinctly. I think it would be a mistake to judge the value of an attorney's work by the volume of paperwork he produces or the number of hours he puts in. Rather, I think his value should be evaluated by the results he obtains. I seriously doubt that too many attorneys would tell themselves they must deliberately grow their billings by producing extra paperwork or spending more time than needed on a case. Call me naïve, I guess. I would also take note of the incorrect assertion over the years that the Association's attorney is supposed to represent the interests of homeowners. The attorney legally represents the interests of the corporation known as SCACAI, and one can only hope that, more often than not, the interests of the Association and those of homeowners will coincide. Now I realize you and I may be on opposite sides of the fence regarding the issue at hand, but if there is some fault to be had here, based on what I read in Nona's and Arendt's postings, it may be with NRED for not issuing a definitive ruling on Nona's original complaint. When Nona was removed for alleged cause as articulated by management and then complained to NRED, I would think she shouldn't be allowed to run if that cause still exists and NRED hasn't ruled otherwise. It shouldn't be the other way around. i.e., putting her on the ballot because her complaint remains open. Quite frankly, despite the fact that we voted for her when she ran last year and I was mostly complimentary of her campaign, I would like to see her on the ballot so that we could measure community response to my opposing her this time around. I also think your reference to the absence of a Board meeting is not relevant, because I don't think it should be the role of the Board to adjudicate an issue of this type. It will be interesting to see how much of what comes out is fact and how much is categorized as "fake news." An interesting quote in my Politico newsletter this morning: In the eyes of some, "fact" is something that supports or praises you, while "fake news" is anything that criticizes you.
Carl, I think you are being overly harsh. Though I am not a FAS insider, I presume dinner events such as the one I reported on are subsidized by corporate sponsors. In fact, the program for the Appreciation Dinner listed Humana and Windermere Proudfit Realty as sponsors. I do agree with you on the financial reporting. For several years, I have urged folks such as FAS Treasurer Forgeron and PR consultant/FAS Trustee Liz Trosper to take the lead in producing a comprehensive annual report. Saying that the finances are available for individual review by visiting the office to look at the documents has never seemed to be the best way to go about it.
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Hi, Steve. You have a better grapevine than I do, as I have no knowledge at all of how many response to the RFPs have been received. Sandy Seddon stated that the RFPs and the responses would be available for the February 23 Board meeting. As for your questions/comments regarding architect involvement, etc., I don't have any information on that, either. BUT - I am forwarding your entire set of comments to SCA Director Tom Nissen for possible response. Tom is the person who has been doing some parallel work on exploring the alternative-use option.
As almost always happen, Mike, there were some records set in the game. And when you talk about sportsmanship, this game was distinguished by the limited number of penalties that were called.
The problem may be on your end, Marie, as I've heard from a number of people who listened to the full recording. The file is more than 30mb in size. I've uploaded it to Dropbox and you should have received a message allowing you to download it and play the file. Let me know if you still have problems after doing this.
Income from home sales was budgeted at $296, 155. Actual income from home sales, however, was $430,977.78, creating a positive variance of $134,822.78 over the budgeted amount. This item appears on Page 29 of the detailed, unaudited 63-page financial statement for 2017. It is the third item from the top.
Oh my God!! Thanks, Ray, I fixed it.
Back atcha!
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Michaela, did you change your name to Michaelina between the time you posted your comment and the time Dick attacked you for it? I can understand his confusion in changing your name from Irish to Italian, as he may have had in mind a popular line of supermarket frozen entrees called Michelina's.
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Interesting comment. They were on a local TV station and I reported it. I support FAS and have proven it in many ways, and I have good friends on both sides of the issue. But you, Earl, of all people, certainly understand that the law is the law, and the position of SCA was supported by a judicial decision.
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Hi, Steve. I would have loved to discuss your concerns at the presentation, but I do thank you for attending. As I discussed, clearly defined rules and regulations for children playing mini-golf would need to be in place, such as age requirements and mandatory accompaniment by an adult. I don't think it would be much different than the regulations we apply to children at our swimming pools. Children -and adults- are always at risk of such things as slip-and-fall injuries, drowning, etc., and that is why the rules have to be enforced. At the time our proposal and its competitors were under active consideration, management told us their liability insurer predicted little or no impact on liability coverage if mini-golf were added. The risk was actually estimated to be greater, even when an amenity was limited only to adult use, from hitting tennis balls at 100 miles per hour and sustaining injuries while running on playing courts. As for your broader question, the Association's liability coverage extends to injuries incurred by people of ANY age, residents and visitors alike, participating in activities as residents or authorized invitees.
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Jeff, I'm not making the eshow available because it needs the context of the comments I made to accompany the slides. BUT-- our 12-page proposal document, which covers what I presented and more, is available upon request, and I would be happy to send it to you if you wish.
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John, you are absolutely correct that conversion of the area to mini-golf is not a given. When management is ready to consider the site for a project, as it inevitably will, I imagine there will be public workshops to obtain input. I hope you will be able to attend the program, as I will be covering as many aspects of the proposal as I can. And I want to be challenged by my audience with their questions and comments.
Some of the comments coming from a few uninformed contributors to the Arendt blog show that they have no idea what they are talking about, have no knowledge of the details of the proposal, and are not interested in exposing themselves to information that might challenge their thinking. It's called cognitive dissonance, filtering out any information that might be contrary to one's preconceived notions. And Mr. Arendt clearly doesn't WANT them to become educated, because he declared, while attacking me with his usual insulting names, that he would not tell his readers where and when the presentation will be given. It's mildly reminiscent of North Korea, where the regime feeds its citizens what it wants them to see and hear and prevents them from exposure to fundamental truths. Methinks they are afraid ...VERY afraid.
Thanks for alerting me to this, Carl, and for putting it correctly into perspective. There's an old saying that goes -I won't put it into the original French- the more things change, the more they stay the same. It is obvious that Mr. Arendt won't be changing his approach to muddying issues and preventing rational discussion of them by simultaneously attacking the people with whom he disagrees. It works like this: Brag about more than 1,200 owners voting for the recall of directors, but ignore the fact that more than 1,700 outvoted them. And in the course of doing so, claim that YOUR voters are passionately informed, while the opponents who beat you are stupid. Brag about more than 800 owners voting for a removal election, but denigrate the more than 700 residents who signed the petition for mini-golf. I'm not worried about the future of mini-golf as long as the arguments raised by Mr. Arendt are the best he can do. He doesn't even understand that new capital projects are not funded from reserves. But then, he never has demonstrated an informed grasp of our finances. I'm looking forward to a great presentation on Wednesday, and I certainly hope some who think mini-golf is not right for SCA will come to the event to hear the facts, not the fake news emanating from Mr. Arendt, and will challenge me with their comments and questions.
Received this comment from a resident who has worked for both CSG and FAS in the past: "It’s too bad the community doesn’t know the durable medical goods amassed by FAS were donations from our residents. Two clubs here in SCA actually designated cash donations for the purchase of 2 knee walkers and 2 extra wide wheel chairs."
Rana: While I think Carl is certainly over the-top in his criticisms of FAS, I don't think it logically follows that a person who benefited from FAS services must necessarily be opposed to their forced move from SCA. A logical analogy, I think, would be if someone benefiting from FAS services knocked that organization for the services it provided. The legal issue, in my opinion, is divorced from the service issue, the two not being related. In fact, I have not heard one word of criticism of FAS services to our seniors, even from those who think their physical removal was appropriate.
An article about FAS in the View Newspaper, published on November 20, featured a photo of Favil in the former FAS storage area with this caption: "The Foundation Assisting Seniors co-founder Favil West, 80, shows the warehouse that stores medical equipment, which is available for use by any senior across the Las Vegas Valley." For use by any senior across the Las Vegas Valley ...maybe that's part of the problem, since SCA facilities are for the benefit of SCA residents. Regardless of the number of non-SCA residents who are served by FAS, whose good work no one I know has challenged, the Foundation and the seniors it serves will be the beneficiaries in the long run if FAS is operating out of premises that are independent of any one community.
Though your observation certainly has merit, Mercedes, I see at least two problems with it: First, as many of my readers might tell you, failure to respond to lies and misinformation creates the impression that they are correct and valid. THIS blog deals in facts and thorough research, and this includes correcting misinformation that can be harmful in many ways. Second, I will not tolerate personal attacks on my integrity and credibility. So if Ms. Tobin wants to focus on me instead of issues of concern to the community, I will take her on. She has a victim complex that involves lashing out personally against people she disagrees with, and since I operate the only blog openly committed to supporting the Board and management, apparently that's one too many blogs for her. "Corruption" is a legal term, and if she wants to allege that our leaders are part of a corrupt regime, she had better be ready to prove it, because the days of taking that stuff lying down are coming to an end.
Here's where I think things stand at the moment, Carl. The removal election is over and our current Board is intact. They will move forward and take care of SCA business in the normal manner. Our budget ratification meeting will be on the 16th and our budget for 2018 will be set. Increased attention will be given to our restaurant situation. The legal matter involving FAS will be resolved in one way or another. Planning will begin for the next regular Board election. Complaints at NRED involving Nona Tobin and the removal election will be addressed. All of these will unfold in steady fashion, regardless of what any bloggers may say about them. In the meantime, the OSCAR leadership group will be discussing what we may want to do in order to stay engaged with the community and support our management and the Board.
Unfortunately, John, the Arendt blog is an industrial-strength lie machine. In this era of fake news, I guess folks can choose which communications channels they wish to rely on and assume are trustworthy. Meanwhile, my blog, which he claims is declining and failing, much like the "failing New York Times" is setting subscription records, will just continue to serve our readers with ACCURATE information that mostly has a Sun City Anthem focus.
Mr. Arendt continues to insist that his information is correct that Mr. Foger demanded that the paperwork be turned over to him. Mr. Arendt was not present at the meeting. I was. Since he was not there, I'd like to see him report who told him of Mr. Foger's non-existent demand, and exactly what it was that Mr. Foger is supposed to have said. Apparently the one thing that will not change in the wake of the failed removal election is the flow of lies from that blogger. If there is ever to be peace and reconciliation in this community, it appears he will not choose to be part of it. He is the epitome of the old saying that those who choose to forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. A track record of ZERO is not something one would ordinarily hang his hat on. Very soon we will learn how much he and his removal machine have cost us.
John, your comments are profound. And beyond the meaning of your words, they are representative of the thoughtful, intelligent dialog I am proud to foster and encourage on my blog. The biggest mistake anyone in SCA leadership could make when there is an issue resulting in "winners" and "losers" would be to proceed on the basis of rejecting the views of a minority as having no value, whether that minority is small in number or substantial. The more reasonable among the advocates for removal -and yes, many demonstrably reasonable members signed the petitions and surely cast removal votes- were concerned with issues that management and the Board may not have addressed in a manner that was sensitive to their concerns. All of us who love SCA and strive constantly to make our community better have a stake in this, and I believe there will be many current and future opportunities for doing so. But the personal insults and borderline slanderous attacks on our resident volunteers cannot be a part of this scenario. I believe, in my heart of heats, that residents on both sides of the fence, no matter what the issue, must repudiate that kind of immature, destructive behavior.