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When tabletop first premiered, I was disappointed that it would be biweekly. At the time I thought that a good way to fill the off weeks would be to have a multi-episode D&D campaign. It's a bit unfair to Wil to have him NOT play the one game that is arguably the most influential in his life. It would also be a great way to showcase other long-form games like Arkham Horror If Google greenlights another season, I hope we see something like this.
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This seems like a great way to brainstorm a story for a movie or TV. Oddly enough. I have the words "Fiasco Short Film Festival" going through my head right now.
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I remember my Social Studies coming into the class room and in an 'oh btw' voice, saying that the shuttle had exploded. They set up TVs in the cafeteria for students to watch the coverage. One thing I will always remember is sitting in a darkened theater waiting for Trek 4 to start when something flashed on the screen... "The cast and crew of Star Trek wish to dedicate this film to the men and women of the spaceship Challenger whose courageous spirit shall live to the 23rd century and beyond..." One question for Wil: If memory serves, wasn't there a line in The First Duty that mentioned 'McAullife Hall' at Starfleet Academy?
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May 14, 2010