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As a Software Engineering(Technology) Student in my first year, I can absolutely see why this is the case. I am 29 years old, returning to school for a career in something that I love to do. The sad thing that I noticed was not that we completed one semester of programming and hadn't yet learned about classes/objects, but rather the fact that many people in the course were struggling so badly or not caring about the act of programming at all. Many people in the second semester got by simply by coping source code from others I am sure. If the colleges weren't businesses (thirsting over money like mad) they would have a 'pre-enrollment screening' which would move things along quicker during school, and produce better, more qualified graduates (capable of doing the jobs). This assessment should be done at the college/university level - prior to enrolling. Weed out the ones who don't want to learn it. Additionally, it might ge worth looking into adding a requirement for all applicants to have a minimum mark for Math and Programming. Or perhaps a form for them to fill out with a simple program prior to an interview.. Not saying that it's right for employers to have to go through this circus.. but on the other hand, not all of us are incompetent morons either.. :D
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2010 on The Non-Programming Programmer at Coding Horror
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Feb 22, 2010