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David Merdian
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Thanks for sharing. There are many dark, sad, terrible things that happen in our life (hopefully not, but they do) and most people don't ever want to talk about them or hear them. To me that's a sad state for humanity. We should be able to share the good and the bad. Not because it's sad, but because we should listen to others stories, to our own. It's good to get stuff off your chest and live life, scars and all. For example we have a wonderful sweet 7 month old girl now who is amazing in every way to us. But it was a very long rough road to get here and people don't like to hear that part of having kids. People don't want to hear you had multiple miscarriages, all the shed tears over the children you'll never get to see, hold, kiss, watch grow up, live life. So I fully understand this story and it's point. After having been through all that, I can say when I look at my daughter, I believe I see her in a different light. She is more precious to me and I truly try to treasure the moments more as I don't know how many I will get. Even the sleepless nights. Thanks Jeff.
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Oct 24, 2011