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I have seen a surprising firestorm come up over handouts. The reasons cited for not allowing handouts are as you describe: Speakers do not want, do not want, people to read ahead! I want handouts. I have the eyes of an old man and can't see the screen. The handouts let me focus on listening--and taking a few key notes if needed. Some presenters just feel like the audience needs to take their information dribbled out at the speaker's pace. These are like the teachers who scolded me when I read later chapters of my textbooks than the ones we were covering. Goes over well with me, it does.
The biggest CRT I know of was made by Sony. 42 inches--and 300 pounds! It's hard for me to be nostalgic about CRT's; when I had a side business in college fixing TV's, CRT's were hard to work with, easily broken, and they had that 25KV charge on them. As well, 16:9 CRT's were VERY expensive; this factor drove widescreen TV's to plasma and LCD as much as decreasing costs did. If LCD's had not advanced we would still be using 4:3 CRT's and trying to live with letterbox--and image burn. Because of bad eyes I needed to get a 37" LCD, nostalgia or nothing. It's the first set I've owned in 10 years where I can watch a DVD movie across the room without leaning forward.
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I've known (and have been owned by) cats over the years and it's not common to find cats who love belly rubs. The last cat that owned me (16 years, still miss her) hated them. But loved it when I held her on her back and scratched her chin, when she gave me an upside down glazed look, just like Lydia's, that suggested I should continue scratching indefinitely.
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Another name for pious liberal believers: Left-Wing Fundamentalists. I say this as the worst sort of atheist liberal. :) In my state of Massachusetts, I, like Greta, have seen a lot of woo-woo people and have always felt marvel and disappointment that they adopt the tropes of right-wing fundies under different labels.
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Mar 1, 2010