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David North
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I'm a researcher and web designer/pc repairer (not a programer) but have been doing web research for the past ten years and for a book for the past two years and specifically in the past year--hands down--Google search results are "dumber" and more shallow. Results are more topical, less detailed and often don't include any relevant results for the actual search you are doing. I find an astounding percentage of results going to yahoo answers and the like where visitors on those sites post their own opinions (and are primarily uniformed teenagers or people getting paid through services like Digital Turk). I ran a computer repair business for two years and was self taught using Google as my primary knowledge base--if I tried to do that today it would be incredibly more difficult. On the book research I am having difficulties at times finding more than headline grabs from news stories or spam/scrape sights with gimmick tags. Google has apparently caved to the "refine results for us" crowd and lost a lot of utility for dedicated data miners such as myself.
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Jan 8, 2011