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Shawna, you make several salient points. But perhaps the most important (to me) is taking responsibility. While I think the health plan is a good idea, it barely scratches the surface. Too many people have abdicated responsibility. They feel they they can make poor health life choices and the government will take care of them. This country was not founded on a strong federal government, rather on personal responsibility. Heck, we tossed out the British because they had their hand in too many decisions. Gardening is a positive for the reasons you mentioned. The most important IMHO, is the connection between what we do and the outcomes. It is only in the last few hundred years that big farms took the individual out of the equation of food production. Folks, for more time than not tomatoes didn’t magically appear shrink wrapped on a Styrofoam tray after spending a Roundup resistant life on a corporate farm. There is tremendous power in knowing where your food is sourced, and if came from your yard, with no added chemicals, then I have to believe it is better than a hothouse fruit out of season. Growing it yourself, you dug, sweat, and nurtured. All these are GOOD for you! Get out and move, breathe the fresh air, get a flush on your face, and dirt under your nails. Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to the advances of modern medicine, but if we moved more, grew more, I truly believe we would need them less. Keep Digging and Eat Well!
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Sep 23, 2010