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If you know C# well, then picking up PHP shouldn't be hard. If you can afford using Windows Servers, I think you can build serverside stuff in C#. I've never done so, the LAMP stack is my preference. For learning PHP, I'd suggest installing WAMP. That installs Apache, MySQL, and PHP for you on Windows. Then, once you are more comfortable with PHP, use a VM to learn the Linux server stuff.
"And how can people be uncompromisingly pro-life, and yet oppose efforts to make medical care more available to the born and the unborn?" Because Obamacare doesn't actually help.... Not to mention it will eventually fund abortions, once a new president takes back Obama's executive order. Obamacare has been tried on the state level. I believe it was Mitt Romey's plan, and a couple other places. I can't quite remember which ones. Basically, everyone gamed the system and it was a complete failure. Which is what Obamacare is going to do on the National level. I suppose I should modify what I said about medical insurance, didn't think it through all the way when I posted. Insurance should be for emergencies only, things that come up suddenly, that there is no way an average person could afford to pay for. The rest of the stuff should just come straight out of your pocket. I've read about a few doctor's who refuse to accept insurance, and are able to treat their patients much cheaper because of that. Like Dr. Robert Berry. Anyway, I don't have time to get into a really good debate right now. My comment was mainly meant to point out that the whole 'conservatives think medicare is good' sentence needs a 'some' in front of it. For another side you should consider check out They have some good ideas. Less tax dollars spent, and many of them would help out a lot. So, just think about it.
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For the record, not all Conservatives buy into the lie that Medicare is not socialized medicine. I'm Conservative, and I've always considered Medicare to be socialized medicine. Also, I don't support insurance companies. The insurance system is the main cause of how screwed up health care is. The best way to fix it, would be to eliminate the need for insurance. (Plus, get rid of Medicare and Medicaid.) Oh, and by 'socialized' I mean the Government taking tax dollars that it hasn't actually received, and redistributing the money. While taking a large portion off the top to pay their own salaries.
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Which is easier for a non technical person to understand? "Tell you computer to open browser." or "Click the little icon in the lower left of your screen, open the Programs menu, find Firefox somewhere in that huge list." Now, it's true that we'd need really go AI in order to interact with a computer naturally. But I think we could improve user experience if we could create custom commands with voice recognition. For example, you walk into your office. As you walk across the room to your desk you say, "Computer, open project control the world." Then, as you are sitting down, your computer automatically opens up your world domination plans exactly where you left them. It could even have a voice print checking feature. And with cameras, facial recognition. Essentially, just shortcuts with voice commands. So, it'll be a while before we can interact with computers like they do on Star Trek. But we could have some useful features today. I wonder why we don't... For the shortcuts with voice commands, we'd just key it to a recording, so it should be possible to ignore the error rate. When you were researching this, what did you find out that people have been doing to try and solve the problems?
First, starting a post supposably aimed at people opposed to your viewpoint by assuming they are angry and won't listen very well is pretty bad. I've seen it done on both sides, and it always tells me that whatever is written will not be very reasonable. $200 billion in tax cuts is a good thing. It's the rest of the billions of dollars that I opposed. If I had been voting on it, my thoughts would have been, "Vote yes and get a few dollars of taxes back for a bit while screwing my grandchildren over with all the loans they'll have to pay back? Or vote no, and not screw my grandchildren over while working to get tax cuts anyway?" Now, if the stimulus had actually worked, I would have been proven wrong. As it is, the job losses that it was suppose to stop happened anyway. As for Health Care, I support reform. I don't support the Government taking control over it and making it more expensive. If you actually look at what the Obamacare does, it's fairly obvious that costs will rise, not fall. If they really wanted real reform, they could have passes a series of small targeted bills by now. Instead they waste time and make deals to force a giant bill on the USA that most of us really don't want. Anyway, next time you post something, don't talk to people like they're idiots. It just makes you look like one.
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Feb 2, 2010