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Hi, Wil. @davidrupp from Twitter, here (in case you couldn't place the name). I'ma let you finish blocking me on Twitter, but I just wanted to say that I'm disappointed that you found it necessary to do so. Unlike some of the other d-bags that participated in that discussion, I actually respect your position on the issue, even though I don't necessarily agree with you in all the particulars. You see, I'm one of those people at the other end of the Internet whom you think you know but you don't really. If you did, you would recognize something like a kindred spirit -- a forty-something stepfather of four kids, now aged 16 - 26. A gamer. A geek. An actor. A writer. An aficionado of good beer. And more. Do we have some differences? Most certainly. They might even keep us from actually becoming friends if we were in a position to do so. Who can know? But the point is -- you don't know me. So you don't like what I had to say and you blocked me. Totally your right. I just thought you might like to have some perspective on the real person at the other end of the Internet. Peace.
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[hauls out +3 Vorpal Sword of Icanhaz and swings ...]
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Dec 17, 2010