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They do this better than you do. // Chap has skillz. (h/t, Tim) // “Chestfeeding” is a thing now. // Don’t look down. // Japanese robot fighting is brutal and brisk. // Bowling ball coffee table, $1,650. // Portable barbecue... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at davidthompson
Anthony Gockowski glimpses the unhappy mind of a professional educator: A professor at Connecticut’s Trinity College seemingly endorsed the idea that first responders to last week’s congressional shooting should have let the victims “fucking die” because they are white. “It... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at davidthompson
Meanwhile, in Mexico City: A Student Strike Becomes an Occupation, for 17 Years. Savour that mental image. It remains unclear exactly who occupies the building and how many members compose the occupying force. Insular and mercurial, they refused repeated requests... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at davidthompson
A telling exchange, one of many: “It essentially sounded like you were being held hostage. If you wanted to go to the bathroom, you had to go with two escorts – is that true?” “Erm, that’s what the students felt... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at davidthompson
“I’m a vegetarian. It was self-defence.” // Fun with projection mapping. // Pause. (h/t, Damian) // AI attempts portraiture, does pretty well. // Peacock in a liquor store. // “A scientific meta-analysis of whisky flavours and quality.” // Rejection. //... Continue reading
Posted Jun 15, 2017 at davidthompson
This, as they say: Captures the air of things, I think. Continue reading
Posted Jun 15, 2017 at davidthompson
Attention, lowly peasants - art is happening. Today I bring you an untitled “guerrilla performance” by “artist, healer and dancer” Shizu Homma, and an associate named aj, filmed in New York City, April 2010. Ms Homma tells us that she... Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2017 at davidthompson
Theodore Dalrymple on the British general election: Perhaps the most alarming aspect of the election was the recrudescence of the politics of envy and resentment… The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn radiated dislike of the prosperous, even the modestly prosperous.... Continue reading
Posted Jun 11, 2017 at davidthompson
I’m taking a few days off in search of mojo. By all means amuse yourselves in the comments, or poke through the reheated series for things you may have missed. And don’t touch the liquor cabinet. I’ve rigged it to... Continue reading
Posted Jun 6, 2017 at davidthompson
More from Evergreen State College, where Professor Naima Lowe, an instructor of “video and performance art” who claims expertise in “emphatically poetic gestures,” demonstrates her gift for professional conduct: YOU are the motherfuckers that we’re pushing against! You can’t see... Continue reading
Posted Jun 5, 2017 at davidthompson
Intrigue of the day. (h/t, Obo) // Interspecies smackdown. // Yes, but it all seems a bit unnecessary. // Domino physics. // Fly guy. // Infinite string quartet. Drag, drop and listen. // Dronestagram. // Among giants. // No Stick... Continue reading
Posted Jun 1, 2017 at davidthompson
It bears repeating: actual justice holds you responsible for the actions you take. “Social justice” holds you responsible for actions taken, without your knowledge or consent, by people you do not know and have never met. It’s guilt by association,... Continue reading
Posted Jun 1, 2017 at davidthompson
Further to this sorry episode, Seth Barron on the rise of the Mao-lings (and their enablers-turned-victims): Videos from Evergreen State College show mobs of students —mostly but not only black— haranguing their professors and accusing them of racist abuse. The... Continue reading
Posted Jun 1, 2017 at davidthompson
Meanwhile, in the world of deep thoughts and scholarly devotion: A new video has surfaced of students this past week at Evergreen State College yelling and ranting about everything from “racist white teachers” and “white-ass administrators” to “black power!” during... Continue reading
Posted May 29, 2017 at davidthompson
Lifted from the comments because… well, just watch: The video begins with [filmmaker, Ami] Horowitz interviewing a number of white people at a so-called “White Privilege Conference” in Kansas City, Missouri, and asking them if they believe that every white... Continue reading
Posted May 27, 2017 at davidthompson
Blondie. (h/t, Obo) // Subtle dildo, a can-you-spot-it game for all the family. It’s harder than you think. // At last, artisanal meat grinding. // Always respect the media. // Passing maglevs. // How rural people pass the time. (h/t,... Continue reading
Posted May 25, 2017 at davidthompson
I’m not entirely sure how one might go about interacting with someone – say, a police officer, a supposed authority figure - whose identity is apparently so unstable that on any given day they could turn up for work, or... Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2017 at davidthompson
“As a queer artist I seek to create a temporal historical rupture,” says Texas-based performance artist Sarah Hill, while describing her - sorry, their - 2014 opus They Wonder. “During the performance,” we’re told, “I repeatedly spin around and around... Continue reading
Posted May 23, 2017 at davidthompson
Glenn Reynolds on when crime doesn’t count: Black Lives Matter might more accurately be named White Killers Matter, because it only seems to care about black lives that are ended by white people. And that, of course, is because Black... Continue reading
Posted May 22, 2017 at davidthompson
Early bird. (h/t, Damian) // Hardcore bee porn. // Don’t stare, it’s what they do. // Star Trek: The Motion Picture – the re-scored, much shorter, 22 minute cut. // Meanwhile, in Korea. // Duck vacuuming. // She makes things... Continue reading
Posted May 18, 2017 at davidthompson
And maybe the parents won’t notice. So, apparently, there’s an “intersection of mathematics and social justice.” In fact, there’s an entire six-week teacher-training course devoted to this hitherto unrecognised intersection and its propagation among middle-school children, i.e., the young and... Continue reading
Posted May 17, 2017 at davidthompson
Ian Tuttle on leftism and thuggery: It is clear that, for Antifa, the purpose [of their language] is to cloak reality. Antifa’s reason for describing something or someone as “fascist” is not that it is actually fascist… but that describing... Continue reading
Posted May 14, 2017 at davidthompson
“The customer’s hair is covered in flammable powder and then set on fire with a lighter.” (h/t, Matthew) // Magnetic spherical chess board. // This is a thing now. // Dog names in New York. // For snack lovers with... Continue reading
Posted May 11, 2017 at davidthompson
Or, So Empowered, Yet Oppressed By Everything. Faced as we are with the news that Everyday Feminism may soon flicker out of existence, leaving a gaping void in our intellectual lives, perhaps it’s time to revisit some of the many... Continue reading
Posted May 10, 2017 at davidthompson
Katherine Timpf on the latest cause of campus outrage: According to an article in the University of California–Los Angeles publication The Rival, people who are kind of into activism but not totally into activism are guilty of “activist appropriation.” Katie... Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2017 at davidthompson