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David Thompson
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Yes. This is a scenario that I've thought about many times over the last decade and a half. When I was a regular church-goer, I carried a sidearm and posted myself so I could see the entries. It was not a charge I received from anyone but myself. The last time I attended church, I carried my G19 in a shoulder rig and placed myself in the corner where I had vision of the entries. I did not have permission to carry and didn't care. When the pastor went off on a little rant about firearms, it was the last time I attended that church or any church with the exception of God's creation. I think every congregation should have a squad of men and women who have trained together, formally or informally, and carry regularly during services. They don't have to be obvious about it, but should keep eyes on everything. I am not surprised there was an attack on another church. I think we can expect more of that.
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Feb 26, 2011