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David Wilson
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I think you're missing the point. The next step after reliable voice recognition is proper language comprehension. I mean like an incredible secretary inside your computer. For example, you could bark instructions such as the following at your computer: "I was working on a document a few months ago and can't seem to find it. Ehh, I think I had written about a 5 or so pages - it was an initial stab at the implementing a proprietary database replication - can't remember if I archived it in my emails or saved it as a separate doc..." And the computer would pop up the best candidates. "Is it one of these.." Or even: "Can you take Jim's presentation from last months management meeting - it should be on the shared drive (if not send him an email asking for the location) and use that format with the points I recorded yesterday. Try to make the formatting look really good. Oh yeah - can you order me a BLT - but no mayo this time. I'd like it delivered for 1:30. With a can of coke." Try doing that faster with a keyboard and mouse.
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Jul 12, 2010