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I totally have to agree. I don't know cats (am way too allergic to them.. ) but we have similar issues with our dogs. Our JRT will turn anything noxious, but it was a LOT worse when we first got her. But our pommies.. when we'd get them (all have been rescues of one sort or another, generally medical related) their coats would be stiff and hard, cept our first, she had no coat at all and was covered in open sores from where she'd scratched herself raw.. vet recommended trying different foods as her case was going to either be food allergy or serious disease. Turns out she had a severe food allergy and couldn't process most proteins. So we started food shopping. We found a good white fish and sweet potato blend, since fish seemed to be the only animal source she could handle and got the best we could find, her skin healed, her fur came back, we've kept all our dogs on that since, their coats get so soft and healthy within a week or so of coming to us. The JRT is still gassy, but it's not nearly as bad as when she's gone to the kennel and they feed her lesser quality foods.. those get nasty.. and for us, 3 or 4 small dogs don't eat a whole lot, so we can afford to feed them well.
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Cottonwood... the bane of my existence..
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We have a small 9 yr old Jack Russel with the same ability to turn anything she eats into NOXIOUS GAS that can kill everyone within 5 miles. One of our other dogs had severe food allergies (she has since passed) and it was just easier to feed all the dogs the same food, luckily the food we had them on cut down on the fumes a bit, but she still can work up a stink, and she is the gassiest little dog I have ever known.. And the trees.. I don't know if you have Cottonwoods.. they are the WORST thing on the planet as far as I'm concerned. Their little cottony fluffy seeds get EVERYWHERE and they make my eyes water, my nose run and itch, etc.. whole schebang.. and they are everywhere in Alaska, there is no getting away from them, and they blow out their little seeds for basically the whole month of June and half of July... and then the weather turns to rain, so the entire useful summer up here is ruined by cottonwood. I do recommend the CPAP though. I'm on that for sleep apnea as well (as was mentioned by an earlier poster) but I've also noticed a LOT fewer allergy problems since being on it. That lovely ability to breath filtered air at night that keeps all the pollens out and lets all the congestion go away for a few hours. It truly is lovely. If you haven't yet, you should go get a sleep study done and see if that helps, even if it's a low setting and only part of the year. I use to snore like a bear.. hubby never had problems sleeping in the mad camps at work or in the army, cuz I snored louder then anyone, but he says my snoring is all gone now, and the machine isn't loud either, more similar to a white noise machine, maybe.
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Jul 7, 2011