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The one thing I totally disagree with is 13" is too large. I have a couple of tablets and the major fault is being too small! I run 2x 24" HD screens on the desktop, and even my laptop is a 17" hd screen. The only requirement for larger useable screens is resolution needs to match. Running a 13" low res screen is pointless with low resolution, resolution should be at least 1920 x 1080 on a 13" or larger device. I've also looked at the ipad and think having high resolution on a tiny 10" screen is equally a waste of power and resources. I'm waiting for a full x86 laptop with touch screen in minimum 15" min 1920x1080 form and hopefully a foldback display, full keyboard etc to make a large useable touchscreen laptop / tablet device. (A 15" surface pro type device would be nice.)
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2012 on Touch Laptops at Coding Horror
PHP may not be the nicest language BUT it works easily and with almost every server without the endless configurations and server addons that others seem to use. I tried ruby, perl and python and java etc, but to actually configure a server to run these is a nightmare for novices etc. PHP just upload the files and call directly from html if necessary. Simple! I tried for days trying to configure my server to run ruby on rails etc. What a nightmare. End of day. restore and stick with PHP and javascript!
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2012 on The PHP Singularity at Coding Horror
resolution on most devices is a novelty, not a necessity. The idea of increasing resolution stems from the need to increase screen realestate so more information can be displayed. The current trend of increasing pixel density,( which many manufacturers are doing, not just apple), simply make the display "prettier" but no more useful (unless you look at a lot of photos). You can't add anymore info to the already tiny 10" screen because of physical limits. Who want text that 1mm high etc. Secondly as the ipad 3 has shown, it requires a lot more memory, and more processing power to process, just for the display. It need bigger CPU and bigger battery without truly benefit processing power. Lastly, like many fellow tech enthusiasts, I truly hope that the future is NOT Apple. I don't believe it is, but what a nightmare that would be. I still want to run real software, and real multiple displays that are useable from a distance, and have a CHOICE, etc etc AND I want more processing power than a 10 year old desktop system - 1 Gig CPU with a whole 1 GB RAM - and 4 core graphics. - Wow - my old P4 had more than that!!!! I want 3 to 4 Gig CPU, 4 to 8 Gig Ram and 100's of graphic processing cores and true multitasking and terabytes of storage etc etc etc
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Mar 20, 2012