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Comme vous, nous mettons notre fierté à faire notre devoir et à tirer parti de nos compétences ainsi que de nos relations pour être des catalyseurs de changement. Chez PwC, ces principes font partie de notre culture. Continue reading
Like you, PwC takes pride in cultivating a culture where we do the right thing and use our skills and relationships to be a catalyst for change. Continue reading
When I was trying to choose a firm, I found they all seemed very similar. Like most people, I was looking for the right fit, and being openly gay, I was concerned about being accepted for who I was in... Continue reading
Au moment de choisir parmi différents cabinets, je les trouvais tous très semblables. Comme tout le monde, j’essayais de savoir lequel me convenait le mieux. Étant ouvertement gai, j’avais peur qu’on ne m’accepte pas vraiment, tel que je suis. Selon... Continue reading
A well-written, well-structured, and well-thought-out resume will help you stand out as a superior candidate, and help get you through to the interview stage. So, what makes a resume stellar? Avoid submitting your resume last minute Before you even begin,... Continue reading
From our Aug 27th live chat, we noticed a lot of interest in and questions about networking. As always, we’re here to help, so we’ve put together our very own 'Coles Notes' on networking – straight from our amazing team... Continue reading
I recently read this on LinkedIn and it got me thinking about my manager or ‘coach’ as we say at PwC – and how much this truly encapsulates her management style. She is supportive and provides guidance, but is by... Continue reading
We hope you had an awesome summer. With the days getting that little bit shorter, it means fall is just around the corner and that means one thing: recruiting season is almost here! We’re doing everything we can to support... Continue reading
1,900+ parents, teachers and students shared their opinions on Canada's educational system and how to improve it in PwC's Digital Education survey. Learn a recent grad's response to the results. Continue reading
Transitioning from your university lifestyle of studying, summer travelling, shift work and squeezing in time for an afternoon nap to working full-time can be tough. Our myLife program aims to help ease the transition, with opportunities to support and encourage... Continue reading
At PwC we want to attract and select the best students to drive our organization forward. That’s why we’re so proud that a panel of 200+ of Canada’s top students voted us as having ‘The Best Campus Career Website’ in Canada. Our careers website aims to bring PwC to life by using real PwC people, images and text to help tell our story to students. Continue reading
For the 6th consecutive year, PwC has been recognized by Mediacorp Canada Inc. as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People. Winners are selected based on programs they have to attract and retain younger workers including benefits and the availability of co-op programs. Continue reading
Pour la sixième année consécutive, PwC a été reconnu par Mediacorp Canada inc. comme l’un des meilleurs employeurs du Canada pour les jeunes. Les meilleurs sont choisis en fonction des programmes mis en place pour attirer et retenir les jeunes travailleurs, notamment les avantages sociaux et les programmes co-op. Continue reading
PwC will deliver our first-ever global forum on women and leadership to university students around the world. The event is part of “Aspire to Lead: The PwC Women’s Leadership Series,” which will focus on how female students navigate the transition... Continue reading
PwC diffusera son tout premier forum mondial sur les femmes et le leadership aux étudiants universitaires du monde entier. Cet événement s’inscrit dans le cadre du programme Femmes et leadership de PwC intitulé « Osez le leadership », qui a... Continue reading
If you’re in your first or second year of an undergraduate business program specializing in accounting, then this is your opportunity of a lifetime. Apply now to experience PwC’s Talent Academy. This is your opportunity to connect with our leadership... Continue reading
If you missed our Personal Brand Week: Your brand. Your victory, check out the following to craft a personal brand that will position you for greatness in landing your dream job: On YouTube - hear from our Team PwC Athletes... Continue reading
Si tu as manqué notre programme Cette semaine, crée ta marque. Ta marque. Ta réussite, voici quelques moyens de te forger une marque personnelle qui te positionnera pour le succès et te donnera accès au poste de tes rêves :... Continue reading
What’s your branded bio? Your branded bio is a depiction of your personality that communicates your talents, passions and skills. On day five of Personal Brand Week, PwC partners and staff share their insights, examples and experiences of building a... Continue reading
Qu’est-ce qu’une biographie de marque? Ta biographie de marque est une description de ta personnalité qui communique tes talents, tes passions et tes compétences. Le cinquième jour du programme Cette semaine, crée ta marque, des associés et des employés de... Continue reading
Is your real-world brand consistent with your online brand? Today, we’ll provide you with some tools and tips on how to evaluate your online presence. Our Team PwC Athletes -Charles and Francois Hamelin- share some strategies on how they keep... Continue reading
Ta marque est-elle cohérente dans la réalité concrète et dans la réalité virtuelle? Aujourd’hui, nous te fournirons des outils et des conseils pour t’aider à évaluer ta présence en ligne. Les athlètes de notre Équipe PwC – Charles et François... Continue reading
How does your extra-curricular involvement help you achieve your professional goals? Today, we’ll help you connect your passions and values to initiatives in your community. Our Team PwC Athletes -Charles and Francois Hamelin- share how they practice their skills in... Continue reading
Dans quelle mesure tes engagements parascolaires t’aident-ils à réaliser tes objectifs professionnels? Aujourd’hui, nous t’aiderons à relier tes passions et tes valeurs à des initiatives dans la collectivité. Les athlètes de notre Équipe PwC – Charles et François Hamelin –... Continue reading
What are your values and passions? Today, we’ll help you clarify your motivations so you can use them to guide your decision-making in creating your personal brand. Our Team PwC Athletes -Charles and Francois Hamelin- share how their values and... Continue reading