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Honestly, he should just be better than he is. I watched him all year in Miami, and I cannot envision anything more frustrating than coaching him. He's the poor man's JD Drew. My bet is that he ends up wearing red in St. Louis or Cincy.
As a fan, I choose to not go to games at LandShark, any longer. Of the active stadiums I've been to (Fenway, Wrigley, Great American, PNC, Jacobs Field, Coors, Camden Yards) and retired stadiums (Candlestick, 3 rivers, Cinergy Field, Veterans, Yankee Stadium, Shea, and JFK), I would consistently rank Landshark the worst for distance from seat to field, quality of food, quality of fans and convienence. Honestly, it is the worst major league ballpark I've seen.
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Why not Chris Duncan?
I think most people struck on the truth.. if Wilson was DFA'd today, I'm not certain any team would look at him as a starter (ie Lugo). Sure someone would pick him up on the cheap, but a starter? On the other hand, if the pirates want to dilute out these bad contracts they are going to have to go for more years. Maybe a 3/13 or 4/14 would work for wilson, and with sanchez, maybe they should be looking 4/20. Honestly I think the Pirates would be better off trading them for some spare parts and clearing out the salary, but those could not really be considered fair offers.
I think the reds still over-value bailey to swap him for Willingham. Honestly, the reds should just throw in the towel and firesale some of the elders, in order to compete next year. Rhodes, Arroyo, Weathers, and RHernandez are all valuable and could net prospects. Then they could get Bailey into the rotation and make him work out the kinks, get Hannigan some more playing time and go after a big bat in the off season.
What about Uggla for Lyon straight up? Coughlin is taking away Uggla's home in Miami, and they need relief. I bet the Marlins would take Maggs off the Tigers hands too, if Detroit "made it rain".
I was just going to say, shouldn't it be reported when the DL loses Nomar and Chavez to the A's?