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Goldendale, Washington
Seek ye first the kingdom of God.
Interests: Being with my Beverley, reading, painting, drawing, traveling
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I went ahead and withdrew my offer on the property on the hill and told my realtor I wanted 2 acres about 2 mile south of Goldendale. I will see her today and sign the papers on the hill property and then sign papers on the 2 acres. This property has a well on it already, it’s been surveyed, had its perk tests done for a septic system, has power to the property, and phone lines. The water in the area is good. I have friends within ¼ mile and both of them have no problem with their well water. My contractor went to the different city and county, as well as PUD offices and found out how much it is going to cost me to get started. I now have an idea of how much money I will need to start moving forward. I will go to the bank after I finish with my realtor and turn in my papers for a Home Equity Line of Credit. I like the way things are moving. There is a low spot on the SW end of the property. As you look at the attached diagram you can follow as you read. Each little mark on the inside of the box is a fence post. Having a very wet spring, Beverley and I have looked at what a major runoff of water would cause. Beverley walked down to the seasonal creek that crosses our property on the upper NW corner and she said it is a little mushy, but no standing water. We can see where the water line has caused the grasses to be a different color and height so we know where the majority of the water will end up. We do not plan on using that area so we will let it grow naturally. Our house will be built in the upper portion of the E NE side of the property. Our contractor told us some of the dirt from where they dig out for the foundation will be put in the wet area starting at the gate. If I have enough money I want to put a driveway all the way to the house. If not it will be gravel. We found out yesterday the gravel road in front of our property is going to be paved very soon so we need to get the electric wires under the roadway prior to that or we will end up putting a pole on our property to bring it across the road, which will cost more, and I don’t want an ugly pole sticking up there. A well is already in place about 120’ from the S fence on the E side. We start building 100’ from the well. Perk tests have already been done for the septic system so I do not need to do that. Our contractor went to all the offices to check on cost like water tests, plan review, permits, electrical connection, pump stuff for well, and putting in the septic system. We figure all these will cost about $11,000. I received a call from my VA rep yesterday and she will be here next Wednesday to do her bare land site inspection. If all goes well we will be able to present her with building plans at that time. I told my contractor Stephen, my brother the electrician, is interested in doing the electrical on the house and he said that would be great. Now, if Rob,my brother the plumber, wants to volunteer to do the plumbing, that would be great too. I don’t plan on his help though, he is busy with his own plans. I will keep you informed as we go. Daniel Continue reading
Posted Jun 10, 2010 at Danielservice's blog
Share what's Good Morning, Here's the latest. Friday, May 21, I put money down on the property and Saturday, May 22, they accepted my offer. I saved $4,000 on the land so I can apply that to the excavation cost, or any upgrades we decide to do. We looked at a home we are thinking about building. To me it was plain and simple, not a million dollar looking home. The builder is asking $227,000 to build it all the way through without me having to do any of the leg work. That sounds good, all I will need to do is make the decisions on different things. Yesterday we looked at a smaller version of the same house. I think Beverley is sold on the smaller version. We are going to go back and look at another house on Monday to see if it isn't a better fit for us. It is already wheelchair accessible. The Lady who owned it had a stroke and used a walker, but she died a year after it was built. It is only 4 years old. Then there too it is a simple looking home. Maybe I am asking for something that I really need to pay more for. Washington has some new laws effective 1 July, and one builder said the price of the homes they build will go up as much as $10,000. I am thinking I will stay with a local builder. I like his work and he overdoes the insulation in the attic. I asked the owner of the smaller house how much his electric bill averages and he said $130 a month. His house is about 2000 sq ft. My house I am in now costs me $145 a month and it is only 1000 sq ft. Hummmm...... Beverley had the shot in her neck. She said it felt like someone was standing on her back while it was being done. But when the doctor started injecting the stuff she felt instant relief in her arm. The doctor hit the right spot. There are draw backs. Last night she was nauseated. It only lasts a short while. This morning she said she feels better. Continue reading
Posted May 23, 2010 at Danielservice's blog
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May 10, 2010
The of our loved ones. Previously I mentioned about the LDS church having a religious ceremony, performed in the temples, where families are sealed together for "time and eternity". When we are sealed together we believe we will have a family relationship in heaven after we die, if we are worthy and keep the commitments we promise during the ceremony. We believe that when we die we will all go to the spirit world. We wait until the end of the millennium when we will be judged for our actions by Jesus Christ. Then we will be placed in the... Continue reading
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May 3, 2010
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May 3, 2010