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We probably need to accept that there are going to be more playoff teams, or at best, the same number. I think the gripe people have with MLS playoffs is that the better teams throughout the year don't get properly rewarded. And it's not like a lower seeded team has to do too much to make it to MLS Cup. They just need to play three games, and it's even possible to not win any of those games in regulation. That sucks. Since there are gonna be 20 teams in MLS in 2011, and it's possible to have single table (not promotion/relegation of course, just elimination of conferences), why not something like this? 11 teams make the playoffs and are seeded 1 thru 11. Seeds 1 thru 5 get a bye, while teams 6 thru 11 play a 2 game aggregate goals series. So 3 series (6 v 11, 7 v 10, 8 v 9), with the winners advancing to play the next round. Then the 1 seed plays the remaining lower seed, etc. That will give 4 series in the next round of playoffs, which would be 2 game agg goals series. From there the semifinals would be 2 game agg goals series, to produce the two teams that would play in the MLS Cup Final. By doing this, the top 5 teams over the course of the regular season would be given an advantage for producing the goods over 34 games. Lower seeds will have to a) play more games in order to make it to the Final, and b) play more top teams along the way. This format would make it a lot more likely to get a top team into the semi's and/ or Final. Plus, a team that makes it to the MLS Cup Final plays anywhere from 4 to 6 games (depending on seed) to make it to the Final. It just seems wrong that under the current format, and 8 seed can get hot (or lucky) at the end of the season over the course of only 3 games, and make it to the Final. Don't we want the top teams making it into the Final? This way, it allows for a cinderella story to make it, but reduces the likelyhood that it would happen.