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Darryl Campbell
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@Christine -- I did make it to the Kafka museum! It really reminded you that there was a person behind all of the imaginative (and labyrinthine) writing. @MarcJ -- Great shots of the bridge. It was sunny and warm while I was there, but I definitely imagined the bridge to be gloomier than how it appeared in my photos. For example, we passed an organ grinder and/or a Dixieland band every day when we crossed the bridge (our hotel was in the Hradcanska area), which was pretty jaunty, i.e. not quite the same mood as when the figures into Kavalier & Clay.
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Pretty incredible how we have an endless taste for procedurals. Though I guess you could say the same about TV, too: just replace the NCIS/CSI franchises with Law & Order. Here's another interesting question: would the top 10 self-help titles from 2001 talk about the same themes as the ones from 2011? I wonder if you could do a psychological history of Americans through bestseller lists.
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The trailer for Sarah Vowell's Unfamiliar Fishes is about the Hawaiian dish 'plate lunch,' and it's both making me hungry for lunch and weirding me out with its use of blue noodles and rice as diorama backdrops.
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Throwing in a contender for #11: it's finally nice enough to contemplate reading outside.
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Dahve, thanks for the catch -- it's now the right Foer. Apologies for any potential inter-sibling literary confrontations we might have fomented.
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Is Meryl Streep out of the running?
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Feb 17, 2011