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I might be Captain Obvious here, but IMO most important Qs to poll are Obama job approval; favorables for Hillary, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Christie, Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz; and ballot tests with the most important ones as Hillary vs. Jeb and Hillary vs. Walker. I think Biden's favorables and ballot tests vs. Rs also would be worth doing, if not swamped by too many other Qs.
Obvious ones are trial heats for Gov, LG, and AG, and candidate favorables for all of them. Also McDonnell favorables and job approvals SEPARATELY, b/c i can picture his ethics problems hurting favorables but not job approvals (I can picture also both or neither being hurt...I'm not sure how much he's really bleeding yet). And Obama favorables and job approvals, again separately, are useful as gauge of general environment. Favorables also for "Democratic Party" and "Republican Party" help the same way. You guys do great work, thanks for being a great public service to the political community!
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Aug 19, 2012