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They should just work out an exchange deal: Everton can send over one of their young players like Vaughan or Coleman to the Galaxy for the duration of the time Donovan stays. Obviously it's kind of out of left field but it's an interesting idea, anyway.
That's really, really stupid defending. And look, John Harkes, there's no need to fake it. If you haven't seen every one of these players lately playing in Europe, it's no big deal, just admit it. Talking about Holden he says "been playing really well for Bolton the last two games out wide" when he's exclusively been in center midfield. Whatever.
It's possible, some previews list him as still out, BBC has him as doubtful but still in the possible squad. McCann, Muamba, Weiss are all unavailable so if he's fit enough he could definitely make the bench
As a Bolton supporter I couldn't disagree more... Mark Davies, Sean Davis and Joey O'Brien are all injured, the latter two long-term, and Gardner was unable to make the bench against Sheff Utd over the weekend because he had taken a knock. McCann has been really poor this year, and Taylor is valuable on set pieces of course but in truth has been out of form. Muamba is a pure defensive mid, no offensive threat whatsoever, and Cohen has been decent but certainly isn't someone who creates a lot of chances for others. The truth is that our midfield offers next to nothing when it comes to creativity or precision passing, which is why we've had to rely on hoofing it up to Kevin Davies (all told not that bad of an option though). At the very least Holden gives Bolton some sort of creative/attacking option off the bench, which was previously non-existent. Weiss will probably be ahead of him in the pecking order of course, but I reject the notion that he won't get any first team opportunities this season. Coyle isn't an idiot and he wouldn't have signed him in the first place if he knew he was just going to be playing reserve matches for four months.
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2010 on Holden completes move to Bolton at Soccer By Ives
As a Bolton fan I would the last two games vs. Arsenal Coyle was forced to bring McCann in as a sub, who is a hard worker but offers very little in terms of skill. Muamba is strong and athletic but again, nothing to give in attack. Cohen is decent but unspectacular, Taylor is out of form, Mark Davies showed something Wednesday until William Gallas decided to go in studs up on him, resulting in a bad ankle injury that will keep him out for a while. There's no doubt in my mind that while we look set on the wings (Gardner, Lee, Taylor will probably keep his place, and now Weiss) we need center midfield help desperately. I wouldn't be surprised if Holden started featuring on the bench in Mark Davies' place right away.
As a Bolton fan i would be in favor of signing him. The biggest problem we have is a lack of any sort of creative presence in central midfield. Lee has been a breath of fresh air on the wing, but Taylor and Muamba have been out of form and while Cohen and McCann are hard workers, they don't offer much beyond that. Even if Holden could get in the squad as a late game sub, I think his his passing skills would make him a useful signing, particularly on a free transfer. I think if Coyle didn't think he could play a role this season, he wouldn't have taken Holden with him after he moved. Also I would make the case that Bolton isn't a prime candidate for relegation this season. We have three games in hand on most of the table and are still only five points out of 12th. If you look at some of the other teams at the bottom (Pompey, Wolves, Hull, Blackburn, Burnley) they're in a lot more trouble than we are, especially now that Coyle is in charge and the attitude around the club is a lot more positive than it's been in quite some time.
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Jan 16, 2010